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10 Restaurants That Won't Disappoint On Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's Day finally upon us, it's time to make reservations at some of the ritziest spots in town.  Well, hopefully by the time you've read this you've already made reservations.  Valentine's Day is the one day of the year where we get to show off our favorite magic trick, turning our paychecks into 5 star cuisine.  There are a million things that come into consideration when picking the perfect restaurant for you and your partner to dress up, get a babysitter, and hit the town, and these restaurants are delivering on every front.  No matter where you live, odds are there's a romantic hot spot near you that's perfect for tonight.  That being said, here are our top 10 picks for romantic restaurants all over the US to hit on Valentine's Day.

1. The View - San Francisco


Get used to beautiful views, because that's a theme that's going to stick around on this list.  This soaring cocktail bar sits atop San Francisco's Mariott Marquis hotel, and is famous for offering business and leisure guests with a bird's eye view of the sprawling city below.  Appropriately named, The View offers patrons some of the finest Californian wines coupled with signature cocktails and delectable small-plate bar bites.  As far as breathtaking views and panoramic views of sunsets and city lights, there are few contenders that can go head-to-head with The View.

2. One if By Land, Two if By Sea - New York


This monument of decorum is tucked away in New York City.  One if By Land, Two if By Sea is operated out of a land-marked carriage house that was built in 1767.  Within these historic walls you'll find multi-course meals that span between 3 and 7 courses.  If you're lucky enough to have reserved a table for an unforgettable Valentine's dinner, you may also enjoy a special Valentine's menu that's replete with the city's finest scallops, beef wellington, and legumes, all ending with your two choices of pastry created by world-class Executive Pastry Chef Vera.

3. Nougatine at Jean-Georges - New York


Nougatine at Jean-Georges is one of those establishments where you can see the quality of service they offer just by looking at their name.  If you're looking for a more casual night out without sacrificing high level of quality, congratulations, you found your spot. Nestled right into New York's Central Park, Nougatine at Jean-Georges offers diners breakfast, lunch and dinner.  World-famous chef Jean‑Georges Vongerichten has perfected the art of simplicity at his quaint Central Park location.  His menu offers classics across the board, including seafood, veal, burgers, and pasta.  Even newcomers will feel right at home with Nougatine at Jean-Georges' familiar menu; perfect for your special night out.

4. 1789 - Washington D.C.


Washington D.C.'s 1789 offers one of the most intimate dining experiences you could ever ask for.  Situated in a Federal period house in residential Georgetown, each of it's six dining rooms are inundated with American antiques, historical and equestrian prints, and authentic china.  One of the more unique experiences in D.C., 1789 is hailed for it's french menu and grade A meats.  Your date is destined to fall in love with the old-country charm and cozy dining rooms.  It's easy to forget you're dining out at a restaurant and instead feel like an esteemed guest at an elegant dinner party.

5. Foreign Cinema - San Francisco


Dining, with a sexy twist. Foreign Cinema presents restaurant-goers with a truly innovative night out.  Having created their own standard of excellence, Foreign Cinema combines food, wine, film, and art.  Those looking to mix up their Valentine's night in an unconventional way owe it to themselves to experience Foreign Cinema's mood-setting lighting over a romantic dinner and a range of muse-see films ranging from Casablanca (1942) to Gravity (2013) projected on a soft backdrop above the dining room.  Not to mention, the menu is always changing, meaning you'll always have more to experience at Foreign Cinema.  It's your new favorite San Francisco night out.

6. Little Serow - Washington D.C.


You're in luck! This itty bitty little D.C. beacon of romance doesn't accept reservations!  Oh and also, groups of four or fewer only.  This place is tailor-made for date night, and what better occasion to check this place out than the ultimate date night - Valentine's Day!  The Northern Thai menu changes every Tuesday, and is reflected to mirror the meals eaten by the owners on their honeymoon (I know, right?).  This week's sultry menu includes delicacies like rock shrimp with fresh turmeric and snakehead fish with galangal and lime leaf.  It's the perfect place for a warm little dinner sitting across from the person you love.

7. Portland City Grill - Portland


Seafood and altitude fanatics rejoice!  Portland City Grill couples mouth-watering cuisine with a beautiful view of downtown Portland and the rolling Cascade Mountains, complete with Mount Hood towering from afar.  Resting atop the 30th floor, Portland residents owe it to their partners to show them the best view in town.  And as if the view wasn't enough, Portland City Grill is renowned for their seafood spreads that follow traditional Northwest, Island and Asian influences and an esteemed wine and cocktail selection to wash it down.  If you do manage to get a table, prepare yourself to witness a proposal or two, they are nothing short of commonplace at this restaurant.

8. Celeste - Chicago


Sure, that picture above looks glorious, but don't be fooled.  What you're looking at is Celeste's second floor, or the deco room.  There are 3 different floors to this Chicago hotspot, and this one happens to be the popular dining room complete with intricate window designs and low-hanging chandeliers.  It's no surprise this is the perfect place to host your Valentine's day, but what sets Celeste apart from the rest is it's multi-level  dining experience that is guaranteed to entertain you all night long.  The first floor is a pretty little bar with plenty of seating.  It's a great place to start the night off.  Then after you work your way through drinks and then seared duck breast with fennel, grain mustard, and apple puree on the second floor, you're invited to the third and final floor, the rooftop garden.  Needless to say, a romantic, dimly-lit rooftop garden might be the most perfect place to end your Valentine's night in style.

9. Rainbow Lodge - Houston


Want to get away without getting away?  At the Rainbow Lodge in Houston, it's all about location.  Only a few minutes away from downtown Houston, the Rainbow Lodge takes you far away from city life with its authentic woodsy cabin setting.  Antiques line the walls along with 3 fireplaces, a citrus grove, a kitchen garden, views of the creek, and a casual bar.  The menu reflects the rustic vibes that emanate from the cabin walls.  Smoked duck, venison, wild boar, elk chops and andouille sausage gumbo are just a few of the wild game menu items you can expect to enjoy at the Rainbow Lodge.  It's the cabin getaway your partner has always wanted without all of the hassle of actually going!

10. CVI.CHE 105 - Miami


Rounding out our list is Miami's CVI.CHE 105.  Born from the dreams and aspirations of culinary visionary Juan Chipoco, CVI.CHE 105 is unsurprisingly known for its legendary ceviches.  Explosive growth and unmatched success in their South Florida location has allowed CVI.CHE 105 to offer dinner-goers both high-end and fast-casual dinner options at this Peruvian hot spot.  No Valentine's Day is complete without citrus, raw seafood, and vertical gardens, all of which you can conveniently find at CVI.CHE 105.  The ultimate date night calls for the ultimate night out.  CVI.CHE 105 hits all the right spots and strikes a perfect balance between romantic, sexy, and delicious.

Interested in learning how BlueCart can help all these restaurants (and every other restaurant for that matter) realize greater operational efficiency?  Feel free to check out our website!  Are you a chef, restaurant owner or operations manager that's ready to join our big family?  Right this way, we're awaiting you with open arms. Happy Valentine's Day!

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