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4 Inventory Pains You Can Avoid

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Chances are that you didn’t enter the food industry because you wanted to crunch numbers. Taking inventory is a task that's passed off again and again for two reasons: time and risk of error. Keeping track of your stock with paper and pen takes forever and if at any time you accidentally add an extra zero then your operations will spiral out of control.

In an era where warehouses are popping up faster than ever (up 6.8% over the past six years), the ability to keep inventory straight is a high priority. Let's go into detail with all the struggles that employees taking inventory have dealt with in the past. But these struggles are just that… in the past. BlueCart (in early November) is set to deploy an inventory management tool that does all the work for you.

Below is a list of the misfortune you typically deal with if you still take inventory the old-fashioned way..... with paper and pen.


Food waste, overflowing shelves, and minimal freezer space all stem from overstock. Not to mention the potential dip in profits if food is not used (food waste is a terrible thing). One method that can alleviate this is changing the menu and practicing what is known as ‘cross-utilization’. This practice takes an item that was originally meant for one dish (ie. chickpeas for hummus) and uses them in another way (roasted chickpeas on salad).


Running out of supplies

Running out of supplies is the back side of the same coin in regards to overstocking. Nobody wants to have to deal with the awkward situation (and subsequent worse reputation of the restaurant) of telling a diner that in fact, no, they cannot order the special of the day. Or have perform a last minute run across the street to pick up more paper towels. Opposite in quantities to overstock, running out of supplies is similarly problematic. Implementing and adjusting an inventory system to track par and on hand levels of product are key in reducing these crises from showing up on your doorstep.

Receiving Wrong Items

To some, a Gala or a Pink Lady apple are the same and they are perfectly happy with either. But for specific recipes, they can be as different as apples and oranges. Sometimes the issue is on the buying rather than the delivering end; oh, you wanted 500, not 50 cans of tomatoes or 8oz's rather than the standard 12oz bottles? Slip-ups with items and units like these cause headaches for everyone. Having a clear method of ordering, and double checking these orders will significantly minimize this problem from reoccurring.


When somebody reorganizes the pantry

One person’s perfect way of sorting may not be another’s, which may lead to confusion, annoyance, and likely an additional five minutes searching for the potatoes. Lost items can be re-found too late once they are expired, or you end up with double stock of an item you couldn’t find in its original place. Ultimately whether you decide to organize by what is used more in front and center rather than in deep storage, or alphabetically, inevitably someone will try to convince you that sorting by color or mealtime is the better option.

Fortunately for you, BlueCart can help each of the aforementioned headaches. Let us help you organize your inventory by tracking par levels and on-hand items. If you received the wrong item off the truck (which will never happen with BlueCart), you can put it back on the truck, note the return on the app, and let us take care of the monetary transactions in real time. No more paper. No more stress. Care to know more? Check out some of our happy customers. Already convinced and ready to join the BlueCart family? Right this way.

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