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A Letter From Our Ceo

Written by

Introducing BlueCart

We have fantastic news for our longtime users and new friends. Today, our company takes the next step in its evolution by launching a brand new online order management platform: BlueCart.

BlueCart is the first-ever restaurant supply app that is completely free for both buyers and suppliers.

When Jag and I first launched our pilot app, Improvonia, in July of 2014, we were trying to solve a simple problem: reducing the amount of time chefs spent placing orders with their suppliers.

We saw very busy people, using time they didn’t have, to deal with a process – managing orders – that was already being simplified online in almost every other aspect of their lives.

We have learned a lot from working with you over the past year and we have heard you loud and clear on the following:

  • Strong relationship between chefs and their suppliers are key in this business.
  • Your margins are thin. REALLY thin.
  • And charging you for transactions makes no sense.
  • William Gibson’s quote “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.” may hold true for now, but not for long. BlueCart enables suppliers large and small to offer mobile and web ordering services to all their buyers at no cost. This is no longer a service exclusive to the giants in the industry. BlueCart is for everyone. BlueCart is free.

    So, whether you’ve been a loyal user of Improvonia since day one, or this is your first time learning about the power of Ordering Made Simple, we are happy to say:

    Welcome to BlueCart. You’ll like it here. It’s free.

    Best Regards,

    Konstantin Zvereff

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