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Transcript Of Restaurant Unstoppable With Elizabeth Parker

Written by

Elizabeth Parker, Manager of Crane & Turtle, recently went on Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore. She had some very, very good things to say about BlueCart...

You can listen to the full podcast here


And here's the roundup of Elizabeth's kind words about BlueCart

At the 46:20 mark:

Elizabeth: I use...BlueCart. They've got a dashboard online and they also have an app on your phone. You load in your entire order book. I mean you can do everything in your whole restaurant. I manage the wine and beverage program so mine is all the wine, beer, and liquor. It took my ordering from at least 45 minutes to an hour down to maybe five minutes.

Eric: I mean that alone... What do you do with that extra forty minutes?

Elizabeth: I would like to say that I sleep. I work on spreadsheets and I get to taste more wines. I can make more strategic wine decisions. I just have more time.

Eric: I think that’s one thing that’s very important. Whenever you can invest in a service that buys you time then it pays for itself because now you can use that time to focus on the things that matter whether it be training your staff or paying attention to your staff. Finding out what makes your staff tick or improving a system or process. When you can buy time with technology that’s when you start doing little things better and there’s a compounding affect that will happen over time. That closes the gap everywhere. Would you say that saving time is the main benefit from BlueCart? What are the other things that are better now?

Elizabeth: I really like it. One is to get my time back. It’s really great when I have a day off and I realize “Oh my gosh, I need to order blah blah blah for tomorrow” and I’m nowhere near a computer. Or you’re at dinner and you have to say I’ll be over here placing a wine order for the next twenty minutes like emailing all my different reps. Instead, I can just pull out my phone and just order it. Then I’m done. It’s really really great. They are really lovely and it’s no cost to us.

Eric: I mean wow. That’s pretty cool. I am really interested in this product and actually I spoke to the folks over there. They actually told me I should talk to you. That’s how I found you. I’m really looking to explore this more. Maybe we can get them on the show sometime so we can all learn together how we can leverage this technology.

At the 55 minute mark:

Eric: How did you get close with the folks over at BlueCart?

Elizabeth: My roommate is a sommelier. He and I are out onetime grabbing a beer one time and he’s like “Uh, I need to put in my wine order.” He just whipped out his phone and was like doodle diddle doo. He said, “ Ok all done.” Then I was like “What just happnened?” He said “Oh it’s this app. You don’t use it? Then I said “No, what the hell is this?” Then he said “Oh you should totally do it!” Then he said I’ll send you their email addresses. So they (BlueCart) set me up and I was like well this is great. Ironically I was on my way to dinner and it was labor day. I wasn’t thinking and it was about to be five o’clock. I said, “God dang it. I got to put these orders in." I was in the car with my best friend who’s a sommelier at another restaurant. We parked the car and she said, "Oh I got to do mine too." I said "let’s just sit her a minute and put our orders in." I did mine really fast and she sat there sending out ten different emails. She said “What did you just do!?” So she got hooked up with it.

Eric: That’s awesome. Any way you can buy time in this industry it’s great. But you’re not even buying it because it’s a free service. I get really excited about those things because I’ve learned a lot about systems and processes. All technology is a just system or process that is super fine tuned. You just plug it into your restaurant. There are little life hacks all over the place. You can just buy so much time back in your life and that’s probably the biggest challenge. The pain point for people is not having enough time. When you use this technology it adds up over time.


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