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eBook: Wholesale B2B eCommerce Trends Changing the Foodservice Industry

Rianna Greenfield
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Table of Contents

The wholesale food procurement and fulfillment business is changing rapidly. Buyers are responsible for driving this change, demanding more flexible and convenient eCommerce ordering solutions.

The seismic shift in the wholesale distribution industry provides you with the opportunity to reevaluate your business practices. Try asking yourself these four questions:

  1. What are my customers’ changing needs?
  2. What mistakes is my company making that is causing us to lose money or leave money on the table?
  3. What outdated business practices can I change, and how will this lead to an increase in revenue?
  4. Is my company doing enough to adapt and survive in the industry’s evolving landscape?

Many of the biggest wholesale distributors in the country are already offering their customers mobile and online ordering. And if you want to compete with the industry’s major players, you need to follow in their footsteps.

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