BlueCart - The Platform for Wholesale Coffee Distributors

As a wholesale coffee distributor, you can utilize BlueCart as a procurement and order management platform. BlueCart allows business owners to streamline the ordering process by connecting suppliers and buyers within a single platform.

With BlueCart, wholesale coffee distributors can manage inventory, track orders, and streamline purchasing operations. The user-friendly interface makes it possible to receive real-time updates and offers integration capabilities with existing systems. This makes it the ideal solution for simplifying and optimizing procurement and distribution processes within the wholesale coffee industry.


eCommerce Tools for Wholesale Coffee Distributors

Wholesale coffee distributors can expand their online business using BlueCart’s eCommerce tools. Distributors can create a branded online store and showcase their coffee products to a wider audience.

The eCommerce platform allows for seamless order placement and tracking while integrating with existing systems and providing a user-friendly shopping experience. This is available both online and through mobile ordering.

In a competitive coffee market, BlueCart’s eCommerce tools help wholesale coffee distributors reach more customers, increase sales, and enhance their online presence. 

Create Subcatalogs and SKUs Per Client

As a wholesale coffee distributor, it’s common for you to have different products, prices, and SKUs. BlueCart provides distributors with the option to have subcatalogs with different pricing and SKUs per client.

This feature makes it possible for distributors to create individual subcatalogs for each client, tailored pricing, and available SKUs based on their needs. It simplifies the ordering process, ensures accurate pricing, and streamlines inventory management. 

Save Time With Standing Orders

Wholesale coffee distributors can set up recurring orders for their customers while ensuring a consistent stock supply without the need for manual reordering. The standing orders feature from BlueCart saves time, reduces errors, and improves order fulfillment. 

CRM and Email Marketing

When using BlueCart, wholesale coffee distributors can effectively manage customer relationships, track integrations, and gain insights to personalize their marketing efforts. BlueCart’s CRM and email marketing tools allow wholesale coffee distributors to build stronger connections, nurture customer loyalty, and drive sales through personalized and impactful marketing strategies. 

Invoicing Made Simple

BlueCart’s invoicing tools provide significant advantages for wholesale coffee distributors. Distributors can seamlessly generate and send invoices to their customers.

When using BlueCart, businesses can customize invoice templates, automate calculations, and track the payment status. BlueCart’s invoicing tools also streamline communication, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure on-time payments. 

Get Access to Roasting Reports

Wholesale coffee companies can benefit from roasting reports in the following ways:

  • They provide valuable insights into the roasting process while ensuring consistency and quality control for products.
  • The reports track batch details including roast profiles, temperatures, and duration. This helps replicate successful roasts while identifying areas for improvement.
  • It serves as a detailed record that can be used for traceability and facilitating product recalls, if necessary.

Bean Roasting Calculator

To optimize the roasting process, wholesale coffee distributors can rely on BlueCart’s bean roasting calculator. Distributors can input specific coffee bean characteristics and desired roast profiles to calculate the precise roasting parameters.

The bean roasting calculator tool helps wholesale coffee businesses achieve consistency, quality control, and desired flavor profiles. This can also help fine-tune roasting techniques and deliver exceptional coffee while meeting unique customer preferences. 


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