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Menu Costing

How to Never Lose a Penny on Your Menu Again

Part of the beauty of BlueCart has been discovering how dynamic the hospitality industry actually is and how incredibly complex some of the operations of our favorite venues are. The fact that our customers need to perform these tasks on a daily basis just to survive is what drives us to be better.

Those of you who know this industry are fully aware that margins are razor thin. To survive you are required to balance culinary talent, coupled with mind blowing business savvy. I come from the investment banking and management consulting world. I spent years working on data projects and never anticipated the level of difficulty or sense of urgency required to successfully operate a restaurant, until I experienced it in grad school.

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BlueCart’s SaaS product launched in 2014 offering a free mobile platform to the restaurant and hospitality sector for the purposes of modernizing and improving the wholesale ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart is Venture Capital funded and has offices in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco with over 25,000 businesses on its platform.