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2017: The Year of Food Transparency

Today’s restaurant goers are more concerned than ever about what they’re eating and where their food is coming from. With this trend toward awareness and transparency only increasing in 2017, restaurant operators should seize the opportunity to capitalize on the many benefits of being open about their supply chain.

Being transparent about where your food comes from helps put customers’ minds at ease. But what other benefits does food supply chain traceability have for your restaurants? Can being transparent about your supply chain provide an additional ROI for your business? Absolutely and here’s how:

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  • FoodLogiQ was founded in 2006 with a mission to create a platform with food chain-wide traceability—not just one forward and one back, but at every stop from the fields to the tables of end consumers. Today, FoodlogIQ is using the web to bring their vision to life through the FoodLogiQ Connect platform. Connect, as its name implies, connects you to, and gives you transparency into, each component of your food supply chain.