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Stop inefficient order management which leads to mistakes, fustration, returned orders, and lost revenue.
With BlueCart you can keep customers up to date with your product catalog and they get a direct link to your ordering system at their fingertips.
Get the right order the first time and maximize your profits.

Welcome to Modern Order Management

New vs. Old Comparison
25% of orders have errors
5 different ways you receive orders
Frequent customer turnover
15% increase in average order size
82% fewer orders returned
20,000+ buyers ready to shop your products
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Let us help streamline your order management and add value to your customers

"BlueCart is always asking how they can improve their system to benefit us. They are a customer first organization.”

Andrew Neva, Owner, Northwest Meat Company

Over 2,000 businesses use BlueCart

See How BlueCart Optimizes Your Business

A ready-made platform to receive and manage orders
It's cloud-based and mobile so it's easy to manage even when you're in the field
Makes your product catalog instantly shoppable
Easily customize pricing on a per customer basis
Track your sales reps' stats
Let new customers find you on the BlueCart platform
A central hub for orders and invoices. + Bonus: the lowest payment transfer rates available

Increase profits with BlueCart

Need a custom solution? No problem, we'll work with you to integrate with your existing technology and processes.

Your customers will love...

Increased accuracy and accountability for orders
A single platform for all their back-of-house needs including point and click inventory
Personalized special offers from you

Increase profits with BlueCart

“We saw a 90% decrease in mistakes such as product codes, pricing, and order errors when we started using BlueCart!”

Steve Gold, Director of Sales & Marketing

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Getting Started With BlueCart - How It Works

Step One

Speak to the BlueCart team and set up your shop front with your product catalog

Step Two

Support from BlueCart as you transition

Step Three

Easy communication between your sales reps and your customers (the restaurants)

Step Four

More happy customers and an expanding business

We partner with you...

to fit BlueCart to your business. Our team will migrate your product catalog onto BlueCart. The shop front is customizable with the help of our web team, providing a seamless experience for your customers
Take your business to the next level; smart, simple order management for your customers that reduces errors. Say hello to happier customers and increased profits


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