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How to Source Your Products to Minimize Waste

In a world where tech runs rampant, the restaurant industry remains steadfast in its paper and pencil ways. The typical ordering process for restaurants is one that lacks innovation and efficiency. Too much time is spent hunched over an order sheet, and with the tech solutions that are available to chefs, restaurant owners, and operation managers today, there is no excuse for withholding this kind of value from your business. We’re always surprised when we speak to a “progressive” establishment and are met with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality.

BlueCart, at its core, is a communication software that connects wholesale buyers with their purveyors. Traditionally, wholesale purveyors communicate product and pricing information to their customers through paper documents, emails and phone calls. Up till now even the savviest of buyers enter this information into a series of spreadsheets, where they may manage inventory, price lists and food costs. The buyer will then communicate orders to each purveyor through phone, email, text, fax, or the purveyors online ordering site. This approach has remained fundamentally the same for decades. The process not only lacks transparency and accountability but it is extremely time consuming.

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BlueCart’s SaaS product launched in 2014 offering a free mobile platform to the restaurant and hospitality sector for the purposes of modernizing and improving the wholesale ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart is Venture Capital funded and has offices in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco with over 25,000 businesses on its platform.