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BlueCart for Buyers

The Ultimate Procurement App

Order from all your suppliers in one easy-to-use platform. From ordering to inventory, BlueCart has you covered.

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5x Fewer Returned Orders

Ordering from BlueCart reduces the risk for error, thus giving you an average of 82% less orders to return.

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2x Faster Ordering

Ordering from your suppliers on BlueCart is so easy, you'll have twice as much time to cook great food!

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50% Less Food Waste

BlueCart inventory management can help you reduce waste while also controlling your costs.

Packed With Features For Your Back-Of-House Needs

Online & Mobile Ordering

One Click Ordering

BlueCart gives you the freedom to order from all of your suppliers from your phone or laptop. And with real-time push notifications for order statuses and cutoffs, you'll never be left wondering.

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BlueCart ordering screens for iphone, android, and web
BlueCart restaurant inventory screens on web, iphone, and android
Inventory Management

Inventory Simplified

BlueCart allows you to track and manage your inventory right from your phone or laptop. Once you've finished taking inventory, you can instantly order exactly what you need without skipping a beat.

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Case Study

LuLu's Mexican Food

Smiling Co-Owners of Lulu's Mexican Restaurant
Nick Arnerich, Owner

“Ordering and inventory is some of the busiest and most tedious work that we have to do, so this is amazing”

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Order Check-In

Faster Check-In's

Check in your orders as soon as the delivery truck arrives. Something arrive damaged? Snap a photo and notify your supplier right away. BlueCart makes your life easier than ever.

Check-In OrdersRequest Demo
Order Check-In screen within the BlueCart mobile apps for restaurants
BlueCart Analytics Pie Chart of Restaurant Purchases sorted by Supplier
Order History & Analytics

Analyze & Optimize

BlueCart automatically archives all orders you place and provides you with helpful charts and graphs to ensure you're always on top of your game.

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Case Study

Cafe Gratitude

General Manager of Cafe Gratitude, Niels Tervoot, smiling
Niels Tervoot, General Manager

“I can at a glance, anytime during the month, click a button and get a great representation of what I am spending.”

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Grow Your Business With BlueCart

BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.

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