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BlueCart Beer Distributor Edition

For the breweries of today

Breweries can now fully manage sales operations and customer relationships simply and in one place.

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Features that make you stout

Customer Management

Your Customer Management Tool

BlueCart keeps track of all your customer’s ordering activity and history. You will even be notified when a customer misses their order.

A preview of how a customer who owns a bar could appear within the BlueCart platform.
Three iPhones displaying the sales rep dashboard, a list of the suppliers clients, and recently placed orders.
Sales Rep App

Increase Brew Sales Anywhere

Whether you’re at a brewery conference or hosting a tasting, our sales rep app allows your team to show off your catalog, place, and receive orders no matter where you are.

Case Study

Cafe Kreyol

A selfie of Cafe Kreyol CEO Joey Stazzone with an employee of his
Joey Stazzone, CEO

"We previously didn't have exactly what customers were ordering listed in front of us on one sheet. Now everything they want is spelled out in quantity and size, minimizing error and waste.”

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Lead Generation

Our Network, All Yours

Our 20,000+ buyer network can search you on BlueCart!

A preview of how search results for beer suppliers could appear within the BlueCart platform for buyers.
Various sales rep analytics that are available to suppliers through BlueCart
Analytics & Reporting

Reports At Your Fingertips

Because ordering is happening continuously in real time, you can print or export fulfillment reports to manage delivery schedules. We’re a complete communication tool so email, messaging, order details, and conversation history are all in one place for your records...and your accountants.

Case Study

Charm City Beverage

Charm City Beverage staff gathered around a dinner table listening to a speaker
Brian Ahern, Co-Founder & CEO

“One of the most surprising side effects of using BlueCart is that sales went up because customers who used to only order one or two products were suddenly ordering five or six.”

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Grow Your Business With BlueCart

BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.