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BlueCart Linens & Paper Goods Edition

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Be the supplier that's so on point, your waste is reduced to zero with BlueCart's order accuracy.

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Customized Catalogs

Customized Pricing

Treat every customer like your best customer by offering personalized pricing and products. When you update your catalog, the changes are automatically reflected.

A preview of how a cloth napkin might appear within the BlueCart platform.
Three iPhones displaying the sales rep dashboard, a list of the suppliers clients, and recently placed orders.
Sales Rep App

Your Business In Your Pocket

Experience a sales rep app that lets your reps manage all their accounts from their phone. This way, they can spend more time finding new customers and less time taking orders

Case Study


Lloyd Otruoste and wife, co-founders of #Baonanas, working at a street vendor cart
Lloyd Otruoste, Co-Founder

“Having the ability to update my catalogs and pricing on the same platform where client ordering takes place is super helpful”

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Analytics & Reporting

Reports At Your Fingertips

Because ordering is happening continuously in real time, you can print or export fulfillment reports to manage delivery schedules. We’re a complete communication tool so email, messaging, order details, and conversation history are all in one place for your records...and your accountants.

Various sales rep analytics that are available to suppliers through BlueCart
A preview of how a sale on recycled paper napkins might appear within the BlueCart platform for buyers.
Top Deals

Promote Specials

Increase sales by promoting weekly specials and have those specials advertised to our network with BlueCart's Top Deals.

Case Study

I. Halper

Group of I.Halper staff at a trade show in front of their booth
Robert Libon, Sr. Dir. of Sales & Marketing

“BlueCart’s online business management solutions give us the most cutting edge tools to compete effectively with our competition.”

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BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.