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BlueCart Produce Edition

Keep produce fresh and deliver fast

By offering online and mobile ordering, your clients can order produce from you wherever, whenever. Easy for them makes it easy for you.

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Features built to keep business fresh

Customized Catalogs

Catalogs Done Your Way

Offer personalized pricing and products to every customer. Whether you’re giving discounts or your costs change, BlueCart does the math for you so you can maintain margins.

A preview of how lemons might appear within the BlueCart platform.
Three iPhones displaying the sales rep dashboard, a list of the suppliers clients, and recently placed orders.
Sales Rep App

Your Business In Your Pocket

Experience a sales rep app that lets your reps manage all their accounts from their phone. This way, they can spend more time finding new customers and less time taking orders

Case Study

Ridge Produce

Ridge Produce sales manager, Jose Monch, smiling at a dining table
Jose Monch, Sales Manager

“BlueCart does not compromise our client list like most other ordering platforms and gives us the tools we need to grow our business.”

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Customer Management

Your Customer Management Tool

BlueCart keeps track of all your customer’s ordering activity and history. You will even be notified when a customer misses their order.

A preview of how a customer who owns an organic cafe could appear within the BlueCart platform.
A preview of how a sale on organic mangos might appear within the BlueCart platform for buyers.
Top Deals

Promote Specials

Increase sales by promoting weekly specials and have those specials advertised to our network with BlueCart's Top Deals.

Case Study

Ayrshire Farm

Portrait of Sully Callahan, director of business development at Ayrshire Farm
Sully Callahan, Dir. of Business Dev.

“BlueCart is the necessary internal tool to create the checks and balances that we've needed due to the large number of employees we have.”

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Grow Your Business With BlueCart

BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.