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BlueCart Seafood Edition

Catch the new wave

Out with the old and in with the new. The new way can make you more money and save you more time with less hassle. Modernize your process with your clients in just 24 hours.

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Features that are off the hook

Customized Catalogs

Control your pricing

We know how your business operates, so we make it easy for you by letting you customize your catalogs for all of your customers. No worries, go fishing.

A preview of how fish might appear within the BlueCart platform.
Three iPhones displaying the sales rep dashboard, a list of the suppliers clients, and recently placed orders.
Sales Rep App

Your Business In Your Pocket

What do you do when a customer texts you for a last minute case of shrimp? Simply punch the order into your custom mobile app.

Case Study

Ayrshire Farm

Portrait of Sully Callahan, director of business development at Ayrshire Farm
Sully Callahan, Dir. of Business Dev.

“BlueCart is the necessary internal tool to create the checks and balances that we've needed due to the large number of employees we have.”

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Top Deals

Promote Specials

Increase sales by promoting weekly specials and have those specials advertised to our network with BlueCart's Top Deals.

A preview of how a sale on alaskan king crabs might appear within the BlueCart platform for buyers.
Various sales rep analytics that are available to suppliers through BlueCart
Analytics & Reporting

Reports At Your Fingertips

Because ordering is happening continuously in real time, you can print or export fulfillment reports to manage delivery schedules. We’re a complete communication tool so email, messaging, order details, and conversation history are all in one place for your records...and your accountants.

Case Study

Master Purveyors

Master Purveyors employees grilling meats in front of a truck
Mark Solasz, Vice President

“We saw a 90% decrease in mistakes such as product codes, pricing and order errors when we started using BlueCart!”

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Grow Your Business With BlueCart

BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.