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A Major Milestone For BlueCart

Konstantin Zvereff
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BlueCart is celebrating an amazing milestone. Our customers have placed more than a million orders and transacted over $500,000,000 million in GMV through our industry-leading B2B eCommerce platform.

BlueCart Network Growth

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our amazing customers for trusting BlueCart as your technology partner and allowing our businesses to grow together.

Welcome BinWise to the BlueCart Family

In other exciting news, BlueCart completed its acquisition of BinWise in May.

“BlueCart’s acquisition of BinWise provides the currently-fragmented hospitality industry with a single platform for food and beverage management. We will continue to expand the platform to include other services through further acquisitions,” says Dick Kramlich, BlueCart and BinWise investor.

This acquisition comes with additional funding and more exciting products and services in the near future.

Some Of Our Many Great Customers

Here’s a look at some of our many great customers who helped us achieve this milestone.

BlueCart and BinWise Customers