Bills, Invoices, and AP automation software designed to streamline

Pay any invoice from any vendor from any device

Pay any invoice issued by any vendor from any device

BlueCart Pay stores all invoice data, and line-by-line details like product names, costs, and quantities. Search invoices by any detail, manage invoices remotely, and eliminate all that paper. Consolidate the AP process, and never mail another check.

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Digitize invoices and pay all your invoices with BlueCart

Boost cashflow by taking control of the payment process. Save time with invoice processing. Submit invoices via photos through our app. Capture all the line item data. Pay your bills directly through BlueCart Pay.

Spend 80% less time on your invoices

Meet your digital filing cabinet. Every invoice is searchable and secure in your new digital filing cabinet. Reduce Bookkeeper errors. Reconcile invoices faster. Control spend in real time. Never lose another receipt. Pay on your terms. Pay bills in partial amounts.

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No more mailing check or stuffing envelops

Lower your invoice processing costs, improve forecasting, and increase control. Manage invoices, POs, payments & expenses in one platform. Partially pay invoices when totals are incorrect due to missing or damaged product instead of chasing for credits.