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Rianna Greenfield
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    MOUNTAIN VIEW (May 18, 2019) — BlueCart, Inc., a pioneer and industry leader in online and mobile procurement and fulfillment for the food industry, today announced its acquisition of BinWise Inc. Dick Kramlich, Co-founder of NEA and Green Bay Ventures will be joining BlueCart’s Advisory Board.

    BinWise, Inc. is a best-in-class restaurant beverage management platform, used by hundreds of restaurants, including many US Michelin-star and Pellegrino’s Top 50 in the World restaurants.

    "BlueCart is known for bringing innovative solutions to the food industry, and we are excited to join their team," says BinWise CEO Isabelle Hong. 

    Together, BlueCart and BinWise are the only complete procurement and fulfillment solution for food and beverage buyers and suppliers.

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    “BinWise is an essential tool for any restaurant and perfectly complements the value BlueCart brings to our customers,” says BlueCart CEO Konstantin Zvereff. 

    Used by thousands of operators nationwide, who are conducting in excess of $400 million in annual GMV through the platforms, the two companies represent the largest technology provider for the hospitality industry. 

    The combination of BlueCart and BinWise will serve over 73,000+ restaurants and wholesale suppliers.

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    “The BlueCart and BinWise merger will provide the currently-fragmented hospitality industry with a single platform for food and beverage management. We will continue to expand the platform to include other services through further acquisitions,” says Dick Kramlich, BlueCart and BinWise investor.

    About BlueCart, Inc.

    BlueCart is an online and mobile procurement, management, and fulfillment platform for restaurants and wholesale food suppliers. BlueCart is designed to streamline and modernise the ordering process, while driving operational efficiencies and profitability. 

    About Binwise, Inc.

    BinWise is a complete online platform for procurement, management, and fulfillment of wine, beer, and liquor. Binwise is designed by sommeliers to help restaurateurs become more successful by streamlining the operational aspects of beverage management.

    BinWise Testimonials 

    "BinWise is more than just an inventory management program, it's a multi-faceted platform that enables me to run the tightest beverage program in all of our locations in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC".  Hristo Zisovski, Corporate Beverage Director, Alta Marea Group

    "BinWise saves me time spent on dreaded tasks such as tracking invoices and inventory.   Less time spent on admin allows me more time to do what I love… procuring great wines to share with our customers.”  Rebecca Fineman Master Sommelier & Proprietor of Ungrafted, a wine-centric restaurant and retail store

    "Corkbuzz has been using BinWise since inception.  With BinWise I am able to manage multiple locations from New York to Charlotte and stay on top of the day-to-day. BinWise was created by sommeliers who understand what it takes to manage a beverage program, and it really shows. Their support staff are wine professionals with industry experience."  Laura Fiorvanti, Master Sommelier & Corkbuzz CEO 

    BlueCart Testimonials 

    “BlueCart has clearly been developed with the full understanding of the need to simplify the customer-vendor interface blending the needs of each seamlessly. BlueCart has allowed ABCO to deploy an online ordering system which allows us to compete with much larger companies then we are with little effort.”  Dennis Sellers, Sales Manager

    “BlueCart has been a business changer! It makes our company's and our client's work experience so much easier, saving time, resources, and sanity! After introducing BlueCart to my clients, the majority of them prefer online ordering because of its simplicity since their time is just as valuable to them.”   Hope Jones, CEO & Executive Baker

    “We’re in the process of bringing on more wholesale reps, and we wanted to have a tool that allows sales reps to record orders accurately and communicate with new clients. BlueCart seemed like the perfect tool for that and so far has been a turn-key solution for reps to start learning and producing results immediately.”  Josh Mackey, Chief Creative Director & Co-Owner

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