New Financing: Increasing Total Amount Raised to $31M

Konstantin Zvereff
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    Sunnyvale, CA — (August 23, 2022) — BlueCart, Inc., a pioneer and industry leader in online and mobile procurement and fulfillment for the food industry, last month announced its third acquisition of Restaurant Revolution Technologies (“Revolution Ordering”). This latest acquisition came with additional funding which increased the total amount raised to $31M.

    RRT Holdings, Inc. (DBA: Revolution Ordering) ("Revolution") is a best-in-class restaurant software streamlining off-premise business and ordering needs for restaurants and hospitality companies. Together, BlueCart and Revolution have processed over $2 billion in GMV and now process over $400M per year and $175M through their payment rails, respectively. This latest acquisition falls in line with the companies’ ongoing consolidation strategy.

    Growing User Base

    The combination of BlueCart and Revolution will serve 103,000+ restaurants and wholesale suppliers. With a network of 103,000+ restaurants, each additional service offered by BlueCart and Revolution Ordering to our existing users will make the platform much more useful to all our users, increase average revenue per unit (ARPU), client retention, and accelerate new logo acquisition.  

    “The BlueCart and BinWise (and now RRT) merger will provide the currently-fragmented hospitality industry with a single platform for food and beverage management. We will continue to expand the platform to include other services through further acquisitions,” says Dick Kramlich, BlueCart and BinWise investor.

    Our 2022 fundraising includes participants such as WTI, BlueRun Ventures, Columbia Capital, 1st Course Capital, Almanac Insights, Marcello Gigiliani from APAX partners, Dixon Doll–founder of DCM, and Dick Kramlich–founder of NEA. Every single one of our current preferred shareholders has always done at least their pro rata investment. 

    BlueCart today also announces the launch of BlueCart Pay. Our invoice payment functionality is currently used by 1,000 restaurants but was restricted to invoices generated by BlueCart vendors. Now, through BlueCart Pay, restaurants can pay all their bills through BlueCart. 

    BlueCart’s order management SaaS product launched in 2014, offering a free mobile platform to the restaurant and hospitality sector for the purposes of modernizing and improving the wholesale ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart is Venture Capital funded with over 103,000 businesses on its platform.

    News of BlueCart's latest round of funding can be reviewed under SEC filings and Crunchbase.

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