BlueCart Acquires Revolution Ordering: Hospitality Software

Bradley Johnson
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    MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – June 16th, 2022 – BlueCart, Inc. (“BlueCart”), the comprehensive order management platform company known for simplifying ordering for the hospitality industries made ordering even easier for its customers—and the guests of its customers.

    This week, BlueCart–the leading hospitality eCommerce platform–announced its acquisition of RRT Holdings, Inc. (DBA: Revolution Ordering) ("Revolution"), the off-premise partner for restaurants and hospitality companies. The merger brings together compatible business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and direct-to-consumer (D2C) products to provide a unified hospitality digital ordering and order management experience.

    The BlueCart, BinWise, Revolution, and SproutQR combination offers hospitality and food businesses of all sizes an unparalleled opportunity to streamline ordering, improve profitability, reduce expenses, and maximize customer service. BlueCart clients and their customers now have a suite of digital tools for customizing menus, capturing orders, managing suppliers, and automating inventory management. 

    The partnership brings Revolution’s omni-channel digital ordering platform, Order One, its delivery enablement product, Ground Control, its third party delivery marketplace order insertion product, Connect, and its Google Food Ordering integration to BlueCart’s B2B eCommerce platform that already includes an online marketplace with 95,000+ buyers, digital catalog creator, invoicing system, and payment processing solution. Both software platforms are supported by BlueCart’s bar inventory software, BinWise, and its accompanying inventory scanning app, BinScan

    “As we continue to expand our platform features and operations, Revolution will have a huge impact on our next growth phase within middle and enterprise markets,” said Konstantin Zvereff, CEO of BlueCart.

    "The food and hospitality industries are enormous and are going through a once-in-a-lifetime digital transformation,” said Brad Duea, CEO of Revolution. "BlueCart and Revolution share a vision to drive this digital transformation and leverage ordering technology and automation to serve their customers by simplifying work and helping them grow earnings through order optimization.”

    The combined companies have handled over $2 billion in sales through the platform and will have a significant and rapidly growing annual recurring revenue stream. BlueCart continues to enjoy a talented team operating a leading eCommerce platform serving over 100,000 restaurant and hospitality locations, including notable brands like Jason’s Deli and Long John Silver’s, as well as over 10,000 wholesale distributors like Fells Point Wholesale Meats, NOBL Cold Brew Coffees, and Ocean Beauty Seafood.  

    This merger also strengthens the unified company’s payment processing volume and IP portfolio with nine issued U.S. and international patents, including patents related to order management, point of sale (POS) integration, and group ordering.

    BlueCart and Revolution are engaging in communications to each platform’s existing client base as early as this week, with additional opportunities rolling out over the coming weeks. Those interested in following additional developments as well as both platforms’ ongoing content marketing efforts can follow the BlueCart blog and Revolution Ordering blog

    About BlueCart

    BlueCart is an end-to-end order management platform for wholesale businesses, hospitality professionals, and eCommerce businesses. The company combines the power and flexibility of a multi-channel sales platform with payment processing, shipping management, digital catalogs, and SEO-optimized digital storefronts. BlueCart is designed to streamline and modernize sales and invoicing processes, while driving operational efficiencies and profitability. Learn more on our homepage or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    About Restaurant Revolution Technologies

    RRT Holdings, Inc. (Revolution Ordering) is an industry innovator, multi-patented technology owner and the off-premise partner for restaurants nationwide. Through its Order One platform, Revolution provides a unified web, mobile and voice order management software platform that seamlessly integrates into restaurant point of sale systems.

    Revolution’s Ground Control delivery enablement program fulfilled by DoorDash, backend services, and data capture capabilities enable restaurants to seamlessly serve off-premise orders and provide a premium, branded, start-to-finish experience for their customers.

    The company’s marketplace order insertion program, Connect, allows restaurants to seamlessly submit orders from third-party marketplaces directly to the POS for optimal operational efficiencies. With Revolution’s Google Food Ordering integration, guests can order food from Revolution’s customers directly through the Google interfaces. Learn more at Revolution Ordering or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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