Business Analytics Tools: What You Need for Your Business

Tamia Tutson
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    All successful entrepreneurs have tools at their disposal that helped them reach their goals. When running a business, the right tools can make all the difference between success and failure. However, there are so many business analytics tools out there that it easily becomes overwhelming to choose the right one. There is no one tool that will work for everyone, but there is a way to combine tools in order to boost your efficiency.

    Whether you’re just learning how to become an entrepreneur or just want to know all there is to know about time management this blog has just what you need. We’ve put together a list of some of the best tools out there that can help you reach success.

    business analytics tools

    Best Business Analytics Tools to Start a Business

    No business is complete without a project and document management system. The bulk of your business will include the drafting of proposals and creating and breaking down business plans. The fact of the matter is–you need a good management system. This is vital if you want to keep your business organized from start to finish.

    Here are some of the best:

    • Google Drive

    One of the most popular and well known document management systems is google driver. It is simple to use and you can share your documents across the company as a whole. Moreover, every spreadsheet and presentation will sit in one singular place–minimizing confusion. Google Drive is free to use and integrates with all smartphones, PC’s, and tablets.

    • is another popular document management platform. It allows you to organize your content in multiple spaces and folders. More than this, you can stay in touch with your co-workers and managers using the cat feature. also provides document tracking, storage capabilities, and an automated design that looks good for any business.

    • ProofHub

    ProofHub is a project management system that helps businesses improve their communication and manage their time more efficiently. In addition, ProofHub has a time tracking feature that lets you see how much time team members spend on each task, as well as how much money is being spent per task. Chat, announcements, and custom reports are all available with ProofHub too.

    • Mavenlink

    Another top project management tool is Mavenlink. With Mavenlink, you can automate your accounting and project planning in this app. This platform integrates all of your projects and resources into one place–increasing productivity. Mavenlink also has a time tracking and management feature so you can see where and how your employees tiem is being spent.

    The Best SEO Tools for Entrepreneurs

    Without the right SEO tools your eCommerce business has no way of making itself known on search engines. SEO tools help you grow your users and increase traffic organically. SEO is at the forefront of any successful eCommerce business.

    Here are some of the best SEO tools you can use:

    SEMRush is an all in one SEO site that improves your online visibility using insights and audits. SEMRush tools focus on improving SEO, PPC, and even keyword research. Any marketer can benefit greatly from the use of this platform. You can try this tool out for free–for a limited period, and see if it’s the right fit for you.

    Ahrefs is an SEO software that has link building, keyword research, and competitor analysis tools. It is very similar to SEMRush but has a different user interface. Ahrefs also give you search data from multiple search engines, not just Google. So you can track your audience across larger domains.

    The Best Content Management Systems

    The purpose of a content management system is to give users an easy way to create and manage content for your users. Moreover, CMS should be an all-in-one platform that combines creation, editing, and production of content in one place.

    Some of the best CMS features include: security, simplicity, customization, and pricing.

    WordPress is easily the most popular CMS. It first began as a blogging site, however, it has since evolved into so much more. WordPress is beginner-friendly, cost-effective, and has tons of features and themes to choose from. WordPress is ideal for small businesses just starting out; or those businesses that aren't as technologically advanced and have little to no design experience.

    • Shopify

    Shopify works as an ecommerce website platform, and allows you to create and manage your own site from start to finish. Shopify is also an ideal tool for first time business owners, or those who own a small business. Shopify will handle all software updates for you and offers a wide range of plans for you to choose from. So whether you need the basics, or something more, Shopify has everything you need!

    Webflow is one of the best content management systems for those who are savvy designers, or for the ones who want to be able to customize their site design. However, Webflow eliminates the need for direct hosting and security issues. If you are a more experienced designer, Webflow is the perfect platform for you. Due to the free-reign over design, there’s no surprise that Webflow is one of the best CMS.

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    The Best Productivity Management Tools

    If time management is one of your 2022 goals, then you need to have the right productivity management strategy at your disposal. The more productive you are, the better able you are to reach your goals, and finish your tasks in a timely manner. One of the best ways to help boost productivity is by using one of the following productivity management tools:

    Weekdone is a team productivity software that allows you to set and track team and individual goals, keep track of weekly activity, track project progress, and so much more! By seeing where your employees are on a project and how much time it's taking to complete the project, you’re better equipped to enhance overall productivity. More than this, you can decide where time would be better spent, and where you need to improve your teams productivity strategy,

    • Impraise

    Imporaise is a tool that helps keep track of performance and professional growth. Impraise will keep track of employee tasks and provide a space for your employees to keep track and manage their goals in one space. With Impraise, you can offer direct feedback to your employees through the platform and even check-in with your employees to see how they’re doing.

    • Todoist

    Todoist is an app that is proven to increase your team's organization. Usually, this tool is used for larger projects, but it can be used for whatever you like; you can even use this tool in your everyday life outside of the office.

    For those with a sales team, SalesScreen provides full transparency into your sales team's activities and productivity. Overall, if you use Salesforce every day you can see a steady increase in revenue, sales, and team success.

    business analytics tools

    Let’s get Building

    Once you’re equipped with the right business analytics tools, you’ll find that building your business from the bottom up is much easier. When making a final decision about what tools to use, keep in mind your budget, business needs, and how often you’ll use the tool. Finally, be on the lookout for the best eCommerce platform to pair with your tools-check out our eCommerce business guide! Many of them offer integrations that make using these tools that much easier! Consider using a business process flow chart template to identify your business processes.

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