Cooking with Matcha: Recipes and Benefits of Matcha Foods

Nick Mirev
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    For the past few years, matcha has become a more widely recognized ingredient for a variety of drinks and dishes. A couple of years ago, people were asking the question ‘What is matcha?’. Now, it is one of the preferred caffeinated drinks, especially among young people. The food and beverage industry is constantly changing, but matcha is a restaurant industry trend that is here to stay. Even though it’s most popular as a tea or an ingredient for drinks, there are a lot of recipes with matcha powder. It’s especially popular in the bakery business and in restaurants that specialize in Eastern cuisine. In this blog article, we’ll dive a little deeper into the topic of cooking with matcha.

    Cooking with Matcha - What Is It Used For?

    Being a versatile ingredient, matcha has multiple culinary applications. Its taste is a mixture of savory, grassy, and a hint of bitterness. The vibrant green color of matcha is yet another reason why cooks and bakers love this ingredient - it can give a unique look to the dish.

    Baked Goods and Desserts

    Matcha can add a unique flavor to baked goods. Additionally, as its green color catches the eye, it can even be used as part of bakery marketing on social media. Some of the popular recipes include matcha cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and bread. Matcha cakes are also rising in popularity. The green powder pairs well with chocolate, vanilla, citrus, and other popular dessert flavors.

    Matcha Ice Cream

    Do you want to enjoy the energizing effect of matcha on a hot summer day? Well, a matcha ice cream might be the best way to do so. A scoop of this ice cream flavor can be combined with scoops of yogurt, citrus, and even chocolate ice cream. Enthusiasts are also cooking with matcha from the comfort of their homes. Homemade frozen treats such as popsicles, frozen yogurts, and sorbets with matcha powder are just a few examples.

    Matcha Pasta

    Matcha powder can be added to dough when making pasta or noodles. This will give them a green color and matcha flavor. An example of a great recipe with matcha pasta includes spinach, some lemon juice, cream, and Parmesan cheese.

    Matcha Sauces

    Its unique green color makes it an excellent ingredient for sauces and dressings. Matcha is excellent for savory applications like matcha-infused marinades, vinaigrettes, and dipping sauces for sushi.


    It is no wonder that matcha is most known in the form of drinks. The classical hot tea is how matcha enthusiasts prefer their favorite green tea powder. However, there are other popular drinks such as lattes, smoothies, milkshakes, and even cocktails.

    Key takeaway: Cooking with matcha is becoming more popular. It’s used as an ingredient for sauces, beverages, desserts, baked goods, and dressings. A lot of new recipes with matcha are becoming popular.
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    Why Restaurants Should Offer Dishes with Matcha

    There are multiple reasons why venues should incorporate matcha as an ingredient in their menu items. Let’s dive a bit deeper and check some of them.

    1. Versatile menu. A restaurant should always adapt its menu according to trends. Cooking with matcha will undoubtedly be a trend in the following years. If you’re a restaurant manager, consider adding matcha dishes and beverages in the summer seasonal menu of your venue.
    2. Profitability. Matcha is not a cheap ingredient. That’s why customers that order matcha drinks and foods understand they’ll be at a higher price compared to other menu items. Therefore, cooking with matcha can be used as a way for a restaurant to increase its profits. Needless to say, it’s recommended to work with matcha suppliers that sell large quantities of the powdered green tea. Additionally, solutions like BlueCart’s app can connect you with many coffee, tea, and matcha wholesale traders.
    3. Visual appeal. The vibrant green color of matcha makes baked goods, dishes, and beverages appealing and interesting. Combined with interesting plating, this can make the meal Instagram-worthy. If more people talk about a restaurant and its meals on social media, this has a great effect over brand awareness and recognition.
    4. Health benefits. Since matcha has excellent antioxidant properties, it is a preferred caffeine drink for many people. This means, by cooking with matcha, your venue can attract health-conscious clients and people with certain dietary restrictions if there are more recipes with matcha on the menu.
    5. Special events. Matcha can be used as a marketing channel as well. For example, a restaurant can organize special Japanese cuisine nights where people learn more about Japanese culture. Another idea for an event is to organize Japanese tea ceremony masterclasses with ceremonial matcha, one of the highest quality and most expensive types of matcha.
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    Popular Recipes with Matcha Powder

    Here are some ideas of recipes with matcha that a restaurant can include in their regular or brunch menu. These can also be made by matcha enthusiasts that wish to experiment with their favorite green powdered tea at home.

    • Matcha pancakes. Served with fresh fruits, syrup, and a cup of hot tea on the side, matcha pancakes can be an excellent start to the day.
    • Matcha ice cream. This is one of the most popular matcha desserts. Its creamy texture, vibrant green color, and exciting taste make it a preferred dessert for matcha enjoyers.
    • Matcha cake. It can be done by adding matcha powder to the cake batter. Additionally, the ingredient can be mixed with the frosting or the cream between the layers. Lately, naked cakes are becoming popular. A vibrant green naked cake is guaranteed to catch the eyes at any special event.
    • Matcha avocado toast. This will add even more flavor to your favorite avocado toast. Simply mix the matcha powder with the ripe avocado and lemon juice. Spread it over toasted bread. 
    • Matcha mochi. Restaurants that focus on Eastern cuisine can offer matcha mochi. These are the traditional Japanese mochi with matcha powder inside the dough. They are usually filled with strawberry or other flavorful and sweet filling.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Cooking with Matcha

    Matcha might not be a typical ingredient in Western culture, but it certainly is taking its place in our lives. With its rise, a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are wondering how to start a matcha business in order to be part of this upcoming trend. The questions and answers below can help you find out more about the matcha industry, its properties, and why so many people are switching from coffee to matcha and yerba mate.

    Does Matcha Lose Its Nutritional Value When Cooked?

    Matcha should not be boiled or it will lose its nutrients. Instead, matcha powder should be prepared with hot water roughly about 175°F. When cooking with matcha, the temperature is usually higher than that. That’s why it’s recommended to use culinary matcha instead of a ceremonial one. The ceremonial type of matcha is far more nutritious and expensive, and it’s best used in the famous Japanese tea ceremony.

    What Makes Matcha So Popular?

    The main reason for the rise in popularity of matcha is its energizing properties. The caffeine in matcha is released much slower which leads to a longer feeling of energy. When comparing matcha vs coffee, they have different effects. Coffee gives the drinker an energy boost that lasts an hour or two. Matcha gives a steady increase in energy that lasts between 4 and 6 hours. Other reasons for its popularity are the fresh and grassy taste, the vibrant green color, and the numerous health benefits of cooking with matcha.

    What Are the Benefits of Matcha?

    Matcha is a powerful antioxidant. The precious green tea powder is good for brain and heart health. It also helps with cognitive function. Another health benefit of matcha is it helps with weight management and is a frequently used ingredient in various diets. Matcha drinks are healthier than coffee and they deliver a steadier energy increase.

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