eCommerce Manager Salary, Job Description, & Requirements

Joshua Weatherwax
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    Managing an eCommerce marketing strategy takes a lot of hard work. That's why businesses need a dedicated member of staff to oversee the processes.

    From creating editorial calendars to finding the best eCommerce websites, eCommerce PPC management and publishing content, eCommerce managers do it all.

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    Read on to get a look at the average eCommerce manager salary and job responsibilities. Then, we'll give you some tips on how you can tailor your resume to get hired and show you some other important roles in eCommerce that you may be interested in.

    eCommerce Manager Job Description

    An eCommerce manager is in charge of all aspects of a business's eCommerce marketing efforts. They are generally a mid-level manager that oversees an eCommerce team and reports to upper management. 

    The responsibilities of an eCommerce manager can vary by company, but most of them will have the following in common: 

    Creating eCommerce Marketing Strategies

    An eCommerce manager is responsible for planning the entire marketing strategy and ensuring its proper implementation. They do this by conducting market research and analyzing data to determine the most effective course of action. They pick the channels that will be used for marketing, establish budgets, and choose the eCommerce software that will be used.

    Directing the eCommerce Team

    Since eCommerce managers are mid-level managers, they're expected to direct the day-to-day efforts of the team. They are usually expected to interview and hire staff, conduct team meetings, and ensure all employees are performing to the best of their abilities. They establish plans like an eCommerce content marketing plan and oversee the execution.

    Analyzing Customer Trends

    One of the most important responsibilities of an eCommerce manager is analyzing customer trends and data. Understanding the buyer's journey, how customers interact on the site, and seasonal demand cycles are vital. The ability to discern and act on this information is how an eCommerce manager achieves success.

    eCommerce Manager Resume & Career

    When applying to be hired as an eCommerce manager, it's important that you highlight certain skills and experience in your resume. Even if you don't have prior experience as a manager, you can highlight certain skills that show you're a good fit for the role.

    These are the two main skills an eCommerce manager resume should list:

    Leadership Qualities

    All eCommerce managers need to be able to lead and communicate effectively. Dealing with interpersonal issues and knowing how to explain the marketing strategy is key. While many skills can easily be learned, leadership is more difficult, so this is a great selling point on your resume.

    Knowledge of eCommerce Trends

    Staying on top of  eCommerce trends is a great way to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Showing that you believe in learning new things and are adaptable can emphasize your value to the business. Look into acquiring certifications or taking courses so you have tangible evidence of this skill.

    eCommerce Manager Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce manager is $71,730. To ensure the most accurate number, we took the average eCommerce manager salary from the five largest nationwide employment websites. Please note that this role is also called an eCommerce marketing manager.

    An eCommerce manager’s salary depends on experience, location, and business size. For example, the average eCommerce manager salary in California is just under $69,000. While the average salary in Illinois is just over $78,000 in 2021. Cost of living plays a big part in salary. So, keep that in mind.

    Given those numbers combined with the fact that eCommerce management duties take an average of 40 hours per week, eCommerce managers make an average of $34.49 an hour. They have a lot of responsibility in keeping the orders flowing.

    Here’s the data we used:

    eCommerce Manager Average Salary

    Now, let's look at how this compares to some other eCommerce roles.

    Director of eCommerce Salary

    The average salary for a director of eCommerce is $130,000. This role is an upper-level position responsible for oversight of the business's entire eCommerce strategy and team. They coordinate with other department heads and are accountable for trying to increase eCommerce sales.

    eCommerce Specialist Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce specialist is $50,000. This is a member of an eCommerce team that is responsible for the actual execution of the marketing strategy. They may take charge of website marketing, content creation, eCommerce email marketing, and more. They are usually direct reports to the eCommerce manager.

    eCommerce Coordinator Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce coordinator is $52,000. Coordinators are responsible for both enacting marketing plans and working with other teams to achieve established goals. They may be responsible for on page SEO for eCommerce, content creation, or even graphic design. They generally report to the eCommerce manager.

    eCommerce Analyst Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce analyst is $55,000. Analysts are eCommerce team members that are responsible for accumulating and analyzing all sorts of data. This data can be pulled from sales reports, Google Analytics, the business' headless eCommerce platform, or elsewhere. They use this data to provide guidance and identify trends that will steer the marketing strategy. They are under the eCommerce manager in the team structure.

    eCommerce Merchandiser Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce merchandiser is $50,000. An eCommerce merchandiser is responsible for maintaining and updating product listings on an eCommerce site. They are expected to know how to optimize SEO for eCommerce product pages as well as audit existing pages for any issues. They are usually direct reports to the eCommerce manager or team lead.

    eCommerce Planner Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce planner is $65,000. An eCommerce planner is a mid-level member of the eCommerce team responsible for the development and management of eCommerce plans and strategies. They must forecast sales trends, establish timelines, and coordinate with various team members to achieve established goals. They may be hired in lieu of an eCommerce manager or report to one depending on company size and structure.

    Entry Level eCommerce Salary

    Generally, the average salary for an entry-level eCommerce team member is somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000. However, the average salary for an entry-level eCommerce employee varies greatly based on where the company is located and the responsibilities associated. These are employees who enact the strategy and may report to a team lead or the eCommerce manager.

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    Vice President eCommerce Salary

    The average salary for a vice president of eCommerce is $190,000. The Vice President (VP) of eCommerce is an upper-level role that leads the creation of the overall eCommerce strategy and establishes goals and eCommerce KPIs. They hire and oversee the entire eCommerce department and are responsible for growing brand awareness and increasing sales. They usually report to C-level management only.

    eCommerce Account Manager Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce account manager is $58,000. Account managers are responsible for establishing and cultivating relationships with key accounts and contacts. They resolve customer issues and work cross-functionally with other teams to ensure customer satisfaction. They usually report to the eCommerce manager, but work closely with the customer service and sales teams.

    eCommerce Catalog Manager Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce catalog manager is $60,000. An eCommerce catalog manager is in charge of uploading and managing a business' product catalog. They need to be able to use digital catalog software and stay on top of issues with products like any backorder. They are a mid-level manager and may report to the eCommerce manager of someone higher up.

    eCommerce Customer Service Manager Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce customer service manager is $91,000. Customer service managers are in charge of directing all customer service efforts as well as directly interacting with customers and accounts. They must work with other departments to help resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction. They are a mid- to upper-level manager that usually reports to C-level management.

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    eCommerce Executive Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce executive is $150,000. These upper-level managers may be Presidents, Vice Presidents, or Chief Marketing Officers. They are responsible for all aspects of eCommerce marketing and direct all efforts to increase sales and maximize revenue. They usually don't report to anyone other than the Chief Executive officer or Board of Directors.

    eCommerce Marketplace Manager Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce marketplace manager is $78,000. An eCommerce marketplace manager is responsible for all marketing efforts done through an online marketplace. This includes optimizing product listings, running ads, and working with third-party suppliers or agencies. This role generally replaces an eCommerce Manager or works alongside them.

    eCommerce Strategist Salary

    The average salary for an eCommerce strategist is $85,000. The eCommerce strategist is an upper-level role responsible for devising overall marketing strategies. It is a specialized role that focuses on analyzing data and creating plans to optimize sales and grow the business' brand. An eCommerce strategist likely reports to upper-level or C-level management.

    Show Me the Money!

    Now that you know the role and responsibilities of an eCommerce manager, as well as the average salary, you can take the next step in your eCommerce journey.

    If you truly want to succeed as an eCommerce manager, you should also look into eCommerce marketing automation. It lets you streamline your team's workflow and saves the company money.

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