Gas Trip Calculator: Find Lowest Prices and Save

Matthew Krimmel
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    A gas trip estimator helps individuals and businesses choose optimal routes for their journeys. Also known as a gas trip calculator, it's a valuable tool for shipping and delivery companies.

    A good gas trip calculator will help you save money on shipping and delivery expenses by helping you plan the optimal route.

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    Gas Trip Calculator Benefits

    There are numerous reasons why a gas trip calculator is beneficial to your business.

    It helps route planners compare the costs of different trips, sometimes with free route planning software. It can prove challenging to keep up with rising fuel prices these days, but a gas trip estimator makes it easier.

    A gas trip calculator can take into account many variables, including fuel efficiency, number of stops, and the area of travel.

    If your company is a big fuel consumer, you might want to select the way with the highest optimal mileage. It will require the least amount of gas and allow you to save money while covering more miles.

    The Best Trip Fuel Cost Calculator

    There are free versions available on the web, but they are best for your family vacation to the beach or mountains. You'll want to invest in a good gas trip calculator for your business operations.

    Consider the following factors when choosing the best trip fuel cost calculator for your business:

    • ability to monitor fuel prices, consumption, and efficiency.
    • monitoring of vehicle performance and issues.
    • compatibility across several devices.
    • the number of vehicles in your company's fleet.

    Here are five of the best trip fuel cost calculator apps:

    1- Gas Buddy

    This app gives you access to insider knowledge to save money. Find the cheapest stations on your route with this user-friendly gas estimator.

    Gas Buddy can estimate your total trip cost, gas mileage, gallons used, and total savings for the day. All you have to do is enter your destination, including the make and model of your car, and the app does the rest.

    Need to change your plans in the middle of your trip? Just use your app to enter your location and keep saving money on gas. With over 150,000 gas stations nationwide in the Gas Buddy network, you can get up-to-date changes on gas prices. Calculate the gas cost for your trip accurately with Gas Buddy.

    2- Drivvo

    Monitor refueling and stay current with other important information on gas prices and consumption. This app shows your fuel calculation, the average mile per gallon, costs per mile of travel, and total miles traveled.

    Additionally, Drivvo lets you view your data geographically in charts and graphs. You can register your travel expenses directly into the app.

    In addition to refueling, it also monitors vehicle maintenance needs like oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, and more. Drivvo can determine which fuel provides your vehicle with the highest fuel efficiency level.

    The app's developers also offer the Drivvo Pro version, which can synchronize your data between devices. This version is compatible with different fuel types, such as diesel, electric, and LPG.

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    3- Fuelio

    You can monitor how much fuel your vehicle has used on its journey. Additionally, track how many gallons it has consumed between gas station stops. You can view these statistics both on average and total.

    Many Fuelio app users appreciate the visual nature of the data, including the trip mileage tracker and the ability to save your routes to GPS.

    Additionally, you can add the app's widget on your mobile home screen to access it quickly. It can also sync between multiple devices, and you can back it up on Google Drive and Dropbox.

    4- My FuelLog2

    Here's an app specifically designed to monitor fuel consumption, making it a good choice for suppliers and delivery services. Keep track of fuel consumption, fueling station locations, and fuel costs.

    It can calculate your expenses on a particular trip and allows you to post copies of purchase receipts in the app.

    My FuelLog2 also has a maintenance feature that tracks your vehicle's performance and alerts you when there's a mechanical issue. It provides good visuals with charts and graphs that analyze your fuel consumption and trip route.

    5- Simply Auto

    Simply Auto is a good choice as a gas trip calculator because it lets you closely monitor expenses on fuel. You can upload copies of your receipts to the app and track expenses during your journey.

    This app also gives you the option of manually entering information. You can type in fuel prices, gas station locations, and the amount of fuel purchased and consumed.

    After each fuel stop, Simply Auto will update the general overview of fuel statistics with other related parameters. You also have the option to separate personal expenses and miles from business ones, with the ability to track several vehicles on one device.

    It's a good option for businesses with multiple delivery vehicles.

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    Why You Need to Include a Gas Money Estimate in Your Start-up Business Plan

    Drafting a business plan is the best way to estimate business start-up costs. The financial projections section should estimate your profit, revenue, and expenses for the next three to five years.

    It should include a section on transportation costs if you're starting a supply or delivery company.

    Transportation costs are all expenses related to shipping products, materials, and moving employees. It's the costs associated with ensuring your customers get their products or materials on time.

    Including a gas money estimate in your business plan can save your company time and money. This could be a factor in the difference between success and failure in the early days of your company's operation.

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