Unlock Sales Teams' Potential with Mobile & Online Ordering

Rianna Greenfield
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Did you know the average sales rep spends as little as 15% of their time working directly with customers on essential things like educating them on new product lines and growing their order size? This statistic is alarming because it shows just how inefficient your sales reps are, and highlights just how little time is being devoted to increasing your company's revenue.

Your sales team is the primary driving force for your company’s growth. Outdated and time-consuming processes take time away from work sales reps should be doing, such as re-engaging inactive customers, growing business with existing customers, and bringing on board new customers.

Let’s take a look at how a B2B eCommerce platform and a modern sales rep mobile app can help make your sales team 20%+ more efficient and productive, and directly impact your bottom line. Below is a chart that compares the average sales representatives today and BlueCart's sales representatives.

BlueCart Sales Team Improvement Chart

Are you ready to unlock your sales team’s potential?

Your sales team is only as good as the resources it has at its disposal. Schedule your free demo to find out how BlueCart's online marketplace can provide you with the resources necessary to leverage the power of your sales reps.

To learn more about BlueCart and what we have to offer your business, email us at sales@bluecart.com, or call us at (650) 242-9444 ext. 2

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