7 Creative Whole Grain Breakfast Ideas for a Restaurant’s Menu

Nick Mirev
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    It is said that the only constant in life is change. This is true for the restaurant industry as well. Throughout the decades, establishments have changed to answer the needs of the market. Nowadays, one of the trends is eating healthier products grown sustainably. And that’s one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of whole grains. Lately, these ingredients are parts of salads, soups, main courses, and appetizers. However, they’ve been an important component of the most important meal of the day - breakfast. In this article, we’ll see how restaurants can benefit from offering different types of grains as part of their breakfast and brunch menus.

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    Whole Grain Recipe Ideas for Brunch and Breakfast Menus

    Whole Grain Pancakes

    Healthy, nutritious, and delicious. That’s the perfect combination for breakfast. And pancakes are among the most beloved foods for every generation. If they are done with whole wheat flour, they will have higher fiber content and be healthier. Additionally, there are other whole-grain flour options available on the market. For example, a restaurant can add whole-grain oat pancakes. They are gluten-free and even more nutritious. Other potential types of whole-grain pancakes include cornmeal and buckwheat.

    Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

    A mix of fruit, nuts, seeds, and quinoa can be an excellent choice for the breakfast or brunch menu. Paired with a cup of tea, this combination can become one of the stars of your menu. The quinoa can be cooked in milk to add even more flavor. 

    Whole Grain Waffles

    Just like pancakes, waffles can be made with whole-grain wheat flour. They will still be fluffy and tasteful. You can even combine different types of whole-grain flour like wheat and oat. If you wish to add more gluten-free options to your menu, consider whole-grain oat waffles. They might not be so fluffy, but their crispiness makes for a wonderful breakfast. Yogurt, honey, and fresh berries usually combine well with Belgian waffles.

    Whole Grain Sandwiches

    Whole-grain bread can be used to make delicious English sandwiches. Not only are they great tea pairings, but these sandwiches are also nutritious and delicious. Scrambled eggs and avocado are among the popular fillings for them. If you want to offer an even healthier meal, you can include spinach and olive oil in the recipe.

    Overnight Oats

    Rolled oats can be mixed with yogurt, fresh fruits, and nuts to achieve a tasteful breakfast. Keep in mind that they should overnight for about 10-12 hours before being served. Honey or other sweeteners can be added if you think your guests have a sweet tooth. 

    Whole Grain Muffins

    Yet another excellent whole grain breakfast idea. One of the benefits of muffins is that you can get creative with them. Some of the popular fruit ingredients for muffins are apples and blueberries.

    Brown Rice Bowl

    Even though rice is not considered a classic breakfast food, whole grain brown rice is an excellent option for a morning meal. It’s nutritious and full of protein and fiber. A tasty brown rice bowl can include cropped nuts, maple syrup, and sliced bananas. Consider cooking the rice with coconut milk to add even more flavor to the dish.

    Key takeaway: Whole grain breakfast dishes are healthy and tasteful. They can be excellent options for a brunch menu as well.
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    How Restaurants Can Benefit from Whole Grain Breakfasts

    With the rise of healthy eating as a trend, whole grains will become an even more important part of restaurant menus. There are numerous ways businesses can ride this wave. Let’s explore some of them:

    • Great nutritional value. Whole grains are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These nutrients are not so easy to get unless you consume a large variety of products.
    • Better and healthier menu options. A whole grain breakfast like oatmeal pancakes can attract many customers who are striving to eat healthier. Additionally, constantly adapting your menu is important. And the large variety of grains can help substantially in that regard.
    • Higher profits. Even though some grains can be an expensive ingredient, they can still help you maximize the profits of the venue. An easy way to do so is to buy bulk grains. There are numerous local farms and wholesale grain markets where you can find reliable suppliers. Grain storage is not a big concern as most of them have a long shelf life. Additionally, a lot of them use eco-friendly and organic methods. By partnering with vendors who sell bulk grains grown sustainably, your restaurant’s positive brand image will be boosted. 

    How Restaurants Can Promote Whole Grains in Their Menu

    Nowadays, marketing is of great importance, especially in areas with high competition. Restaurants can use various marketing techniques to promote their whole grain breakfast options.

    Partner with Health-Focused Organizations

    Gyms and wellness centers attract a lot of people who’re putting their health and well-being at the top of their priorities. Therefore, you can partner with such businesses and promote your whole grain meals.

    Highlight Whole Grain Dishes and Train Your Staff

    If you want your guests to choose more meals with whole grains, consider adding a special label next to them on the menu. This will certainly draw the attention of customers. Furthermore, educate your waiters and other staff members about the benefits of whole grains. This way, they can recommend them to customers and even upsell them with some of the more expensive whole grain breakfast options.

    Offer Good Food and Drink Pairings

    If you have a seasonal menu, consider adding combinations of tea or other refreshing beverage and whole grain breakfasts. Additionally, most people enjoy their coffee in the morning. So, consider having some luxurious options in the breakfast menu such as specialty coffee with whole grain breakfast that consists of more exotic and rare grains. Even if that isn’t the star of your menu, it has the potential to attract a lot of attention online. And it’s a fact that social media marketing for restaurants is an important part of the omnichannel marketing strategy.

    Offer Samples and Promotions

    A lot of people might not be familiar with the benefits of whole grains. Even more people might consider them to not be tasteful. That’s why a restaurant manager should consider offering promotions and samples of food with whole grains. They can also be used as complimentary dishes. A small oatmeal muffin or a free small jar with overnight oats for dessert can be the difference between a positive Google review and no review at all.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Whole Grain Breakfast

    Do you have a variety of whole-grain options on your restaurant’s menu? If not, you should consider adding more. The following questions might help you adjust the menu to include more healthier options.

    Which Whole Grains Are Most Suitable for Breakfast?

    Oats, barley, and wheat are among the most popular ingredients used for breakfast food. Other options include buckwheat, wild rice, and quinoa. Their high fiber content will give a boost to your day and help the digestive system.

    What Are the Healthiest Whole Grains for Breakfast?

    Probably the healthiest option is oats. Additionally, breakfast dishes with quinoa and barley are growing in popularity. 

    What Are Good Drink Pairings for a Whole Grain Breakfast?

    Traditionally, most clients prefer either tea or coffee to complement the dish. They can be both cold or hot drinks. On hot summer days, a glass of iced tea or iced latte can be a great addition to the breakfast. The large variety of teas on the market can be combined with different types of foods.

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