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Linens & Paper Goods

How ABCO Increased Their Average Order Size by 15%

ABCO is a private, family-owned business that has earned a reputation for excellent service through providing linens and paper to restaurants, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, and military agencies.  Established in 1968, ABCO carries top of the line products for the hospitality industry.  ABCO’s clients have access to their robust catalogue including restaurant equipment, janitorial supplies, linen and paper, and warewashing supplies.

We’ve been able to expand our market share by concentrating on engaging existing customers, selling more line items, and obtaining new customers”

Dennis Sellers blames the majority of ABCO’s operational issues on a lack of an efficient system for managing their orders. Before BlueCart, ABCO’s sales reps would play a very hands-on role in monitoring incoming calls, texts, and emails from clients, leaving less time than desired to focus on growth and expansion. 

“I recommend BlueCart to other businesses and every single customer that we participate with that does not have their own order entry program. In fact I’ve got 3 prospective customers right now that are moving forward with us. We just send over our order guide, they review, tweak it, and start placing orders.  Every new customer starts with BlueCart.”

After adopting BlueCart, Sellers and his sales reps have more time than ever to drive outreach to new buyers while automating the ordering process for existing clients.  With simpler ordering and simple dissemination of pricing to customers in place, ABCO is becoming increasingly more automated, which means sales reps can be much more productive with their time.

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