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Organic Farm

Learn How BlueCart Increased Ayrshire Farm's Time Management by 30%

Historic Ayrshire Farm covers approximately 800 acres of land in Upperville, Virginia. A national working model for humane sustainable farming, Ayrshire Farm combines 21st century technology with traditional farming practices. The first farm in Virginia to meet both Certified Humane and Certified Organic standards, Ayrshire’s mission is to preserve genetically viable herds of rare and endangered breeds of livestock and heirloom-variety crop production to both self-sufficiency and profitability. Producing on a limited commercial scale, Ayrshire Farm is nationally acclaimed for concern for quality in its production processes of its extraordinary premium products and the unparalleled taste of its meats and produce.

Picture of Ayrshire Farms building
“We were bare bones in terms of how we ran our business internally and with our customers. This was not sustainable as we grew and BlueCart gave us the tools we needed to manage processes effectively on both ends. ”

We needed customized catalogs for each client.  Our problem with having to pull up each clients records to get their pricing for each order was not a good way to manage our daily business.  It caused much frustration with our staff.  This only worked when we had a small level of orders but as we grew it became unsustainable.  We needed a tool to set up customized catalogs for each client. With BlueCart we had the ability to set up customized catalogs by client. This saved us about 30% in time management for invoice processes.

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