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Specialty Foods

How BlueCart Teamed Up With DPI to Increase Their Number of Transactions

BlueCart attended the Portland DPI Specialty Foods Trade Show to run paperless product ordering transactions for the Chocolate Shop within the exhibit hall. Instead of attendees having to mark down in a catalog what they wanted to order, they worked with the BlueCart and DPI team to make their orders more efficient through the use of iPads. BlueCart set up the products in advance allowing the order takers to simply add requested items to an online cart. The software was customized to allow for special deals and product delivery dates. After the show reporting was sent back to DPI distribution center to complete the transactions.

Group of three DPI Specialty Foods employees at their trade show booth

Conferences such as the DPI Specialty Foods offered to increased value for their shows when using BlueCart such as:

  • Gain an increased number of order transactions
  • Access to tracking the entire transaction process including analytics and reporting tools after the show
  • Data to promote the show to future exhibitors showcasing the efficiency of using BlueCart from faster
  • ordering time, less order errors to increased number of transactions
  • Exposure to all of BlueCart’s user base nationwide promoting the show
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