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Learn How Fells Point Wholesale Meats Saved 30 Minutes Per Order When Using BlueCart

Fells Point Wholesale Meats delivers exquisite cuts of meat and superior wholesale food, and handle every customer with the care that has resulted in an award-winning reputation across the Baltimore-Washington area. Every cut of USDA meat, poultry, lamb and pork that leaves the building and any other food distributed must live up to the owners exacting standards. Fells Point butchers are taught by the owners the craft of proper butchering procedures to ensure the best quality available for their customers. They needed a a platform that was both on mobile and the web to manage orders more efficiently and all in one place.

Group photo of staff from Fells Point Wholesale Meats in their office
BlueCart was a pilot program for us as we knew competitors were leveraging technology to increase business efficiency. Technology is at a point now in kitchens that you can’t fight it. BlueCart is a very nice way for our chefs to have an order guide while in the cooler and to be able to take inventory and set orders by meat product. It takes only a minute to download order entries regardless of whether you are downloading 1 order or 100 or 1,000! That was not possible before BlueCart.  
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