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Linens & Paper Goods

How I. Halper Leverages BlueCart to Realize a 50% Projected Increase to Sales

I. Halper is a full service distributor of Foodservice Disposables, Restaurant Supplies and Janitorial products. Our products include cups, napkins, aluminum foils, condiments, bags, hats, gloves, trays, towels, hand soap, garbage cans and with over 5,000 items always in stock you need for your restaurant, hotel or caterers business.

“We are happy that we chose BlueCart to move our business forward and would recommend BlueCart,”
I. Halper Team

With over 3,000 SKU's our customers had trouble pin-pointing the specific product code for their orders.  For example there could be 10 different types of trash bags offered and they needed a clearer way of finding that specific bag. With BlueCart's ability to help us offer customized order guides, our customers are now ordering in real - time which makes the process faster, more accurate and our customer support center can place those orders immediately and with less returned order errors.

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