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Learn How Lulu's Mexican Food Saved Over $1,000 by Using BlueCart

The story behind LuLu's dates back nearly 40 years and introduces their friends to their commitment to fresh, authentic Mexican food. It also relays the energy and vision that its Founders (Natalie and Lourdes - a.k.a LuLu) carried with them until the restaurant opened in 2005. The match was simple and destined - Natalie brings creativity, energy, and an understanding of the area she grew up in, and LuLu delivers inspiration, talent, and a quality-oriented approach to creating wonderful family dishes. The recipe of these two individuals combining their talents resulted in the creation of LuLu's on the Alameda in 2005. It's all about family-style meals, fresh ingredients and truly caring about the communities they serve. Natalie's and LuLu's passion is to prepare and serve the freshest, authentic Mexican food. They want you to eat healthy, leave happy, and share your positive experience with your friends.

"We were able to delegate the responsibility of placing orders and inventory management to our individual restaurant managers because of BlueCart"

With all of this great food and positive energy, it’s no mystery as to how BlueCart and LuLu’s Mexican Restaurant met in back-of-the-house matrimony. LuLu’s has experienced great success and is continuing to grow, opening more restaurants in a neighboring city to you soon. However, things are not as sweet and rosy or, in this case, bean and cheesy as we might predict with a big establishment like LuLu’s.

Smiling Co-Owners of Lulu's Mexican Restaurant

After using BlueCart for some time now, LuLu’s claims their order process is twice as fast than their previous method. With their newfound, extra time the popular Mexican restaurant has more time to focus on operations and training. They now have records of their orders and can keep track on their inventory more accurately.

Item returns were due to their warehouses selecting and delivering an incorrect item. With BlueCart, their supplier gets a confirmation email with all the items ordered, so there are little to no mistakes. Lulu’s gratefully and excitingly recommends BlueCart to any restaurant.

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