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How One Of New York's Largest Meat Purveyors Used BlueCart To Reduce Order Errors By 90%

For over 50 years, Master Purveyors of Bronx, New York, has been offering fresh hanging and boxed prime USDA  and Certified Angus Beef products to the restaurant and hotel industry.  Everything from porterhouse, skirt steaks, to custom blended beef burgers, Master Purveyors offers a wide selection to its customers.  Master Purveyors sells its prime steaks to the top steakhouses in Metro New York, Washington DC, Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, California, Miami, Japan and Korea.

“With the use of the BlueCart sales rep app, we have more time to meet new customers and grow our business.  When talking with prospects we promote BlueCart as it has turned into a selling tool for us.”

With BlueCart, Master Purveyors no longer has to research prior orders or product codes when a customer places an order. They also no longer have to place the orders manually from a phone call. Because the product codes are entered into the BlueCart platform, they always know precisely what the customer needs. 

When a customer has not ordered by the cutoff time, we can remind them right away to place an order!  That type of communication helps with continual sales flow.”

The instant notifications that Master Purveyors receives when an order has been placed gives their sales reps and delivery drivers up to the minute information as to when products are delivered. The ability to communicate easily to their customers comes in handy during announcements such as holiday closures and specials.

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