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Nomadic Coffee Keeps Their Orders Organized with BlueCart

BlueCart is a wholesale ordering tool used by Coffee Roasters across the U.S.. BlueCart provides roasters' wholesale buyers with 24/7 online ordering, resulting in more sales, fewer errors, and better communication at the point of transaction.

“Previously, we were taking orders by hand or text message.  We needed a platform where everything was recorded accurately and where customers could easily connect with us. BlueCart was the solution.

- Thomas Landry, Nomadic Coffee owner

Nomadic Coffee Company Background

Headquartered in the Bay Area, Nomadic Coffee serves retail stores, restaurants, health-conscious cafes and Safeway grocers nationwide. Nomadic founder Thomas Landry’s deep passion for poetry has led the brand to include poems within all the coffee bags, a unique cracker jack-like experience. Customers look forward to 30-40 poets being featured every quarter, which are selected by a guest poetry editor. Past editors include D.A Powell and Brittany Perham.

The biggest differentiator of their coffee is the organic quality. Nomadic coffee only sources beans from a trusted importer with the highest standards. Additionally, Nomadic practices the technique of cupping to ensure the quality is intact. We spoke with Josh Mackey, Chief Creative Director and Co-Owner about the company and his decision to partner with BlueCart.

Q: Why did you choose BlueCart as a wholesale ordering option for your customers?

We chose BlueCart for growth. When we rebranded our company last year, it opened a lot of new doors for us which resulted in more customers. Previously, we were taking orders by hand or text message. We needed to evolve that to a platform that takes our customers' orders automatically and provides them with a superior ordering experience.

Nomadic Coffee uses BlueCart directly on the roastery floor

Q: How does your sales team like using BlueCart?

Right now we’re in the process of bringing on more wholesale reps, and we wanted to have a tool that allows sales reps to record orders accurately and communicate with new clients. BlueCart seemed like the perfect tool for that and so far has been a turn-key solution for reps to start learning and producing results immediately.


Q: In the next year, what are you hoping for in your partnership with BlueCart?

Great value and a trusted partnership.  Having a digital hub for my team and customers has been a great way to organize our wholesale business.


We’re happy Josh decided to use BlueCart to facilitate Nomadic Coffee’s rapid sales expansion.  Discover their coffee and poems by creating an account today.

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