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Prestige Oyster Eliminates Order Processing Steps With BlueCart, Saving 11 Hours Per Week

BlueCart is a wholesale ordering tool used by seafood vendors across the U.S. to offer online and mobile ordering with 24/7 catalog access to their wholesale customers.


Raz Halili is the 2nd generation oysterman of Prestige Oyster, located in Dickinson, Texas. His family has provided restaurants and wholesalers with delicious gulf oysters for over 40 years.  Prestige Oyster is at the forefront of the seafood industry, using different technologies to get the most out of their business. One such technology is high-pressure processing (HPP), which increases shelf life and maintains freshness. Prestige Oyster also takes advantage of BlueCart, so let’s see what Raz had to say about his experience!

Q: What are your thoughts on being a BlueCart user?

A: "It's really created some efficiencies within our company and between our employees. On the packaging side, all the way to the sales side to receiving and invoicing, we’re really enjoying it! I look forward to all the new features that BlueCart is coming out with. We want to integrate those and become as tech savvy in the seafood industry as possible."

Q: Has BlueCart helped you eliminate order processing time?

A: “Easily an hour or two saved each day. BlueCart removes order processing steps and creates efficiencies from start to finish in the office.”

Q: What specific features of BlueCart are helping to increase your sales?

A: “The mobile app has been the biggest help. I’m not always in the office, so having the ability to view fulfillment reports or receive orders in real time, and know when things are packed and ready is really helpful.”

Prestige Oysters

Q: What was the initial reaction from customers when introducing BlueCart?

A: “At first, I got pushback from some of the older guys in charge of purchasing.  After the first couple weeks, they got the hang of it. Everyone is enjoying it and realizes the benefits of being able to input orders on the app.”

Q: Would you recommend BlueCart to another seafood distributor?

A: “Yeah, I definitely would! If you’re getting orders called in, faxed or texted to you, you know how difficult it is to track all these.  BlueCart kind of takes care of all that and lets everyone know what’s going on.”

Over the course of a year, Raz gets back an entire month in processing time using BlueCart. The mobile app drives more sales and allows every department to work efficiently; we are thrilled they chose BlueCart as their technology partner.

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