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Vibe Coffee Group Payment Processing Case Study

June 10, 2022

Brad: Hi Gina, nice to meet you. I work on the marketing team for BlueCart. I appreciate your time! To start off, tell me a little bit about Vibe Coffee Group and how long you've been working for the company.

Gina: I've been with Vibe Coffee Group since December 2020. That was right at what we thought was going to be the end of COVID. At that time, we lost a lot of accounts, but we've gained a lot of accounts since then. A lot is continuing to change, and even throughout April 2022, we've seen a significant increase in our sales. We're looking forward to more of that.

Brad: Okay, great! So tell me about what makes Vibe Coffee different from your competitors and more about your niche in the market.

Gina: We've been around for several years. Vibe Coffee itself is two different companies--Whidbey Coffee and Victrola Coffee. Whidbey Coffee has its own community out on the island--Whidbey Island, WA. We also have 10 wholesale stores. People like to go to the cafes on the island and it's kind of a neighborhood feel with our specialty coffee.

The other specialty coffee is Victrola, and that's a more hipster brand. It started back during the days in Seattle, WA. It's an example of high quality, good coffee in Seattle.

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