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Vibe Coffee Group Payment Processing Case Study

Brad: Hi Gina, nice to meet you. I work on the marketing team for BlueCart. I appreciate your time! To start off, tell me a little bit about Vibe Coffee Group and how long you've been working for the company.

Gina: I've been with Vibe Coffee Group since December 2020. That was right at what we thought was going to be the end of COVID. At that time, we lost a lot of accounts, but we've gained a lot of accounts since then. A lot is continuing to change, and even throughout April 2022, we've seen a significant increase in our sales. We're looking forward to more of that.

Brad: Okay, great! So tell me about what makes Vibe Coffee different from your competitors and more about your niche in the market.

Gina: We've been around for several years. Vibe Coffee itself is two different companies--Whidbey Coffee and Victrola Coffee. Whidbey Coffee has its own community out on the island--Whidbey Island, WA. We also have 10 wholesale stores. People like to go to the cafes on the island and it's kind of a neighborhood feel with our specialty coffee.

The other specialty coffee is Victrola, and that's a more hipster brand. It started back during the days in Seattle, WA. It's an example of high quality, good coffee in Seattle.

Brad: That's great to know. What are your favorite parts about using our platform and specifically our payment processing features?

Gina: The payment processing features are getting better and better. I appreciate that. When Dan (owner) emails Frank at BlueCart, he'll look into things that are incorrect or could be improved upon. I ran across something the other day where I was trying to do a bulk discount for two different accounts and there was something wrong with it and I got a response right away.

BlueCart has quick turnarounds and helpful responses, and we really appreciate that. If we're trying to bill someone, we want our money now, so we need the problem fixed right now. The quick turnaround time is really a plus.

Brad: That's awesome! How long was the turnaround time in this case?

Gina: It was the same day. I'd say a couple of hours later at most.

Brad: Great! So what are some of BlueCart's primary use cases for Vibe?

Gina: I use Order History constantly. I also use My Billing. I try to stick to billing once a day and do it all at once before I mark items as shipped. I mark it as shipped the same day, and then I immediately create the bill.

We also do a lot of self-filling. We've got 10 cafes that buy from us, which are our internal cafes. So all we're doing is saying, "You purchased $300 of coffee from us today." Then I go in and I say that it was an internal transfer.

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Brad: Awesome. Would you say that you have seen either cost or time savings as a result of using BlueCart and our payment processing features?

Gina: I can say that we like being able to do net 30 easily. Dan really likes this feature and wants everybody to use BlueCart. It is cost-saving to us when our accounts use BlueCart since we receive all of our orders in a streamlined fashion versus having to take them via phone call, fax, text, etc. Placing orders through BlueCart is really easy. 

It’s also a huge time savings for our clients since they can place orders and pay their invoices on BlueCart versus having to access their data from multiple platforms. It gives our accounts more control over their data and finances.

Brad: That’s phenomenal. Are there any other features that make a big difference in your work?

Gina: My Catalog is easy to understand. It's really easy to enable or disable products. It's easy to change prices. I also like how I can change the price of the order as I'm making it if I'm making it on behalf of someone. Making orders is easy, too. 

Brad: Awesome. Any other thoughts before we wrap up?

Gina: I like using the platform; it's very user-friendly. Our contacts who decide they want to use the system like that they use it. Emails go out to them quickly and they communicate through My Messaging. It's nice when we can build working relationships with buyers because everybody knows what they're doing and the process is easy to follow.

Brad: That's great to hear. That concludes our meeting! Thank you so much for your time, and have a great week.

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