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Joanna Okedara
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    From using the best subscription management platforms and recurring billing systems to integrating eCommerce automation tools, eCommerce business owners are adopting the best restaurant technologies for business automation. Managing business process flows can be less tedious.

    Using a manual billing system can be challenging for businesses that adopt the recurring or subscription payments model. Integrating an automated billing system into your business will eliminate the tedious manual billing process.

    Key Takeaway - Regardless of your business model, automated billing software will help you to automate your entire billing and eCommerce accounting processes. This can include invoice management, payment processing, provisioning, dunning management, and customer transaction events.

    In this article, you'll learn the benefits of an automated billing system and why it is essential for business growth. We'll also discuss the top 3 automated billing platforms for small businesses.

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    What is an Automated Billing System?

    An automated billing system is a subscription billing solution that controls and manages the entire billing lifecycle. Automatic billing systems aim to increase efficiency by streamlining your billing processes.

    You can manage order processing, cash withdrawals, and invoice processing while optimizing billing operations. Automated billing systems work by either automatically billing customers using on-file payment information or by issuing invoices and taking payments from them.

    Most subscription management software features automated billing. However, you can find a standalone billing system that will suit your business needs.

    So, what are the benefits of an automated billing system? Let's find out.

    Benefits of an Automated Billing System

    Automated billing makes it easy to receive and process recurring payments. Here are some other advantages of automated billing software:

    • Efficient invoice management - Billing management systems offers seamless invoice processing. It eliminates the complexities that come with manual invoicing. An automatic billing system makes it easy to set automatic reminders, manage recurring billing, schedule invoice sending, and notify customers of renewals and terminations.
    • Automated reporting and analytics - Most automated billing platforms feature automated analytics and reports. It provides statistics on the overall number of invoices issued and total completed transactions for a specific timeframe, monthly recurring revenue, customer purchasing patterns, and different sales tax information.
    • Simplified payment processing - Automated billing software can simplify payment processing and reduce involuntary churn. Most billing platforms can integrate with multiple credit card payment gateways allowing customers to pay how they want.
    • Secure payment processing - Most automated billing systems use a secure ACH payment for online payment transactions. Customers can automatically pay money to your business account from their checking or savings accounts in this manner.

    How to Choose Automated Billing Systems?

    Choosing the right billing system is crucial to the success of your business. However, before you select the best automatic billing system, you need to define your business needs.

    There are a lot of automated billing platforms available online, and these platforms serve different businesses and industries. For instance, running a B2B eCommerce restaurant business may need subscription software for wholesale coffee or meat subscription box.

    Your business may also require flexible integration with existing B2B eCommerce solutions. Defining your business requirements will help you choose the right billing solution.

    Here are some features to look out for in an automated billing system:

    • Flexible subscription model - One prominent feature to look out for in a billing system is subscription model flexibility. The selected billing platform must be able to support your customers' subscription preferences.
    • Flexible third-party integrations - The success of eCommerce businesses in the online marketplace mainly depends on the eCommerce automation tools and management software integrated into their website. Automated billing software must integrate with management infrastructures such as eCommerce accounting systems, user service systems, Oracle ERP systems, and small business invoicing software.
    • Supports global payments - If your business caters to customers across borders or you have such plans in view, then your automated billing software must be able to support international payments. Your chosen system should feature multi-currency payment options, multi-lingual support, and an intuitive tax calculation system.
    • Data protection and security - Any billing management software must be able to provide data protection for your customers. Customers trust you with their billing information. Using a billing platform compliant with standard PCI security protocols is logical.

    Now that you know what to look for in an automated billing management system, let's review the top 3 automated billing software.


    Top 3 Automated Billing Software for Small Businesses


    You can access a powerful range of capabilities when using BlueCart for automatic billing and payment processing. These tools help you increase the number of on-time payments and decrease the time it takes for your customers to make their payments.

    BlueCart creates expertly crafted, simple-to-understand invoices highlighting all the crucial details your consumers need to know to make a payment, such as the amount due and how to make the payment.

    Additionally, BlueCart uses the highest level of security currently possible in the payments sector. You may streamline the entire experience for your customers and lessen operational inefficiencies for your team by merging the ordering process with BlueCart's automated billing software. This will add to your efficient business systems.

    Key Features

    • Seamless payment attribution.
    • Automatic payment reminders and confirmations.
    • Secure transactions.
    • Payment method flexibility.
    • Proxy-pay.
    • Prepayment and deposits.
    • One-click digital invoices.


    Chargebee helps businesses to automate their billing system. With Chargebee's automated billing platform, you can manage your company's finances, simplify complex billing, and renew billing cycles for each customer.

    The robust and integrated reporting system on the Chargebee platform aids in tracking the health of your company on a weekly and monthly basis. You can also create customized and consolidated invoices.

    Key Features

    • Powerful invoicing system.
    • Automatic billing processing and renewal.
    • Smart dunning system.
    • Intuitive report tracking system.


    Scoro helps you optimize your entire billing cycle. With Scoro's automatic billing software, you can automate time billing, recurring invoices, and reminders for late payments while also getting a complete picture of all your finances.

    You can compare several budget scenarios with the actual revenue and accurately predict cash flow. In addition, Scoro can integrate with third-party accounting software, making it easy to get a complete overview of your customers' account information.

    Key Features

    • Automated billing processing.
    • Report tracking system.
    • Multi-currency support.
    • Third-party integrations.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Automated Billing System

    From knowing the best automated billing systems to understanding what is an invoice, business owners must be able to stay on top of all billing processes. Let's answer some common questions about automated billing systems.

    Why is Billing Software a Great Choice for Business Automation?

    Automated billing software helps to manage and optimize the entire billing cycle. It makes automating transactions, recurring payments, invoice processing, and dunning easier.

    Manually collecting and processing billing can be tedious and frequently leads to errors. A billing software reduces this and helps scale your business for growth and profitability.

    What is POS Billing Software?

    A POS billing software, or a point of sale system, is a tool that processes payment transactions. POS systems are suitable for brick and mortar stores, like restaurants, where customers use mobile payments for goods and services.

    What is a Retail Billing System?

    A retail billing system is a payment system for retail businesses that helps with calculations, keeping thorough financial records for bookkeeping, and registering information. It also automates the creation of receipts for retail stores.

    Let's Keep it Running

    Automating your entire business process flow will help increase team productivity. Ultimately, it becomes easier to optimize different workflows and business processes.

    An automatic billing system will help you eliminate the challenging manual billing process and open your business up for high ROI, scalability, and quick expansion. As a business owner, it is essential to position your business for future eCommerce growth. Billing automation will get you there quicker.

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