10 Charcuterie Supplies Wholesale: Top Charcuterie Equipment

Joanna Okedara
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    Having the right wholesale restaurant supplies and equipment is important for every business in the food and beverage industry. If you will start a charcuterie business soon, then you need to know which charcuterie equipment and wholesale supplies to have.

    Key Takeaway: It is important to use high-quality charcuterie box supplies for your business. That's where wholesale food distributors and wholesale charcuterie distributors come in, offering an extensive range of top-notch charcuterie equipment to meet your needs.

    Charcuterie is an art, and it requires the right charcuterie supplies and equipment to ensure that your business is successful. From specialized knives and cutting boards to elegant serving platters and storage solutions, there are a lot of charcuterie supplies and equipment available. 

    In this blog, we'll look into the essential charcuterie equipment that will help you when starting a charcuterie board business. It doesn’t matter if you're assembling a beautiful charcuterie board for a dinner party or building a charcuterie display for your restaurant business, we'll guide you through the must-have items that will make your creations shine. 


    Let’s get started!

    How to Choose the Right Charcuterie Equipment for Your Business

    So, how do you choose the right charcuterie equipment? 

    Let’s see.

    1. Identify Your Needs: Begin by assessing your specific business requirements. What do you want to offer? How many customers will you serve? How big will your business be? Knowing this will help you determine the types of charcuterie equipment you need and their capacity.
    2. Set Your Budget: Once you have identified your charcuterie board business needs, the next step in choosing appropriate equipment is setting your budget. Having a budget will help you in the procurement process. It will also help you in the vendor negotiation process.
    3. Quality and Durability: You’ll also want to invest in high-quality equipment that is built to last. The truth is, like bakery equipment, cheese equipment, popcorn equipment, and spice business equipment, charcuterie equipment undergoes significant wear and tear due to the nature of its usage. So, make sure you look for reputable brands when choosing your equipment.
    4. Functionality and Versatility: Consider the functionality and versatility of the equipment. Opt for equipment that can handle multiple tasks or has adaptable features to accommodate various charcuterie preparations.
    5. Food Safety and Compliance: Another thing to consider when choosing a charcuterie equipment is food safety. Make sure that the equipment you choose meets all safety standards and compliance requirements. Check for certifications and safety features that protect both the operator and the product. This is particularly important for items like curing chambers and vacuum sealers.
    6. Space and Capacity: Evaluate the available space in your facility and ensure that the chosen equipment fits appropriately. You should consider the capacity of the charcuterie equipment and whether it aligns with your production needs. Overcrowding your workspace or investing in equipment that exceeds your requirements can lead to inefficiencies.
    7. Seek Recommendations and Research: It might be necessary to consult with industry professionals, chefs, or fellow charcuterie enthusiasts to gather insights and recommendations. Conduct thorough research, read product reviews, and compare different options to make an informed decision.

    Essential Charcuterie Supplies for Your Business

    When running a charcuterie business, having the right supplies is essential to ensure smooth operations and deliver high-quality products. 

    Here are some essential charcuterie supplies you should consider:

    Cutting Boards

    Invest in durable, easy-to-clean cutting boards made of materials like wood or bamboo. Different sizes and shapes can accommodate various slicing and serving needs.

    Cheese Knives and Spreader Sets

    A set of high-quality knives specifically designed for charcuterie is essential. Include knives for slicing cured meats, chopping ingredients, and spreading spreads or pâtés.

    Meat Grinders

    Grinding your own meats gives you control over flavor and texture. Choose a grinder that can handle the volume of meat you'll be processing and has various grinding plate options.

    Curing Chambers

    If you plan to cure your own meats, a dedicated curing chamber will provide the controlled environment necessary for safe and consistent curing.


    Top Charcuterie Equipment for Your Business

    Sausage Stuffers

    Sausage stuffers allow you to create homemade sausages with precision and efficiency. Look for models with different attachment sizes to accommodate various casing sizes.

    Slicing Machines

    Consider investing in professional-grade slicing machines for precise and uniform cuts of cured meats and cheeses. Look for models with adjustable thickness settings, smooth operation, and easy cleaning features.

    Vacuum Sealers

    Vacuum sealers help preserve the freshness and extend the shelf life of your charcuterie products. They remove air from packaging, reducing the risk of oxidation and spoilage.


    A high-quality smoker allows you to infuse your charcuterie with delightful smoky flavors. Choose smokers with excellent temperature control, reliable smoke generation, and adequate capacity for your production needs.


    Dehydrators are useful for creating dried meats like jerky or bresaola. Look for models with adjustable temperature settings, even airflow distribution, and spacious racks to accommodate different cuts of meat.

    Storage Containers

    Invest in airtight containers for storing cured meats, specialty cheeses, and other ingredients. Proper storage containers and charcuterie boxes help maintain freshness and prevent cross-contamination.

    Labeling and Charcuterie Packaging Materials

    Use professional labeling and eCommerce packaging materials to present your charcuterie products attractively. Include ingredient lists, allergen information, and expiration dates for customer safety and satisfaction.

    Serving Platters

    Presentation is key in the charcuterie world. Invest in elegant serving charcuterie platters and boards to showcase your creations and create visually appealing displays.

    5 Reasons Why Top-Quality Charcuterie Equipment is Essential for Your Business

    Top-quality charcuterie equipment is essential for your business for several important reasons:

    1. Consistent Product Quality

    High-quality equipment ensures consistent results in your charcuterie production. Precise temperature control, reliable slicing and grinding mechanisms, and efficient curing chambers contribute to the consistency of flavors, textures, and overall product quality. 

    1. Improved Efficiency

    Reliable and efficient equipment can streamline your production processes, saving you time and labor costs. For example, advanced slicers and grinders can handle large volumes of meat efficiently, reducing preparation time and increasing productivity. This allows you to meet customer demands more effectively and potentially scale up your business.

    1. Enhanced Food Safety

    Top-quality equipment often incorporates safety features and complies with industry standards. For instance, vacuum sealers with proper sealing capabilities can extend the shelf life of your charcuterie products, minimizing waste and maximizing profitability.

    1. Precision and Control

    Premium equipment provides you with greater control over the preparation and production processes. Whether it's the precision of cutting or the ability to adjust curing parameters, having fine-tuned control allows you to create charcuterie products tailored to your unique recipes and customer preferences.

    1. Customer Satisfaction

    When you consistently deliver high-quality charcuterie products, your customers will notice. By investing in top-quality equipment, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

    1. Reputation Building

    The quality of your products and the equipment you use contribute to building your business's reputation. By using top-quality charcuterie equipment, you position yourself as a professional, reliable, and trustworthy provider of exceptional charcuterie. 


    Frequently Asked Questions About Charcuterie Equipment

    Besides having the right charcuterie equipment, there are other things that need to be in place to run a successful charcuterie business. From knowing the best charcuterie pairings and how to transport charcuterie board to developing charcuterie marketing strategies and implementing restaurant sales management tactics, you can set your business up for growth and success from the very beginning.

    What equipment is needed for charcuterie?

    The equipment needed for charcuterie are:

    • Cutting boards
    • Charcuterie knives
    • Cheese slicers
    • Cutlery set
    • Charcuterie boxes

    What are the most common items on a charcuterie board?

    The most common items on a charcuterie board are:

    • Cured meats
    • Specialty cheeses
    • Olives
    • Nuts
    • Dried fruits
    • Crackers or small slices of bread
    • Jelly or Jam

    What is the best board to use for charcuterie?

    Marble board is the best board to use for charcuterie. It is one of the most popular bases for charcuterie boards because of its modern, elevated look. The cooling feel of marble is also good for wholesale cheese and wholesale meat that will likely sit out for hours.

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