Cold Brew Coffee in the Restaurant Industry

Nick Mirev
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    There are numerous ways to brew coffee. From the French press, through the Turkish cezve, to the Italian espresso drinks. In the past couple of years, cold brewing has become more popular. Among the coffee trends is also nitro coffee. In this article, we’ll examine the cold brewing technique, how restaurant managers can benefit from it, why it’s likely to stay trendy for a while, and how the role of tea and coffee in the restaurant industry has changed.

    What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

    Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in cold water for a couple of hours. Usually, it takes about 12 hours for the drink to be ready. However, in some cases, it might be better to steep the coffee for 24 hours so that all flavors are absorbed in the water. The recommended grind size is medium-coarse to coarse.

    After the steeping period has passed, the liquid is separated by the coffee grounds with the help of a paper coffee filter. The result is a refreshing and tasty drink that can be mixed with milk or other flavors such as chocolate. It has a higher caffeine content and many prefer to mix it with ice and milk to tone it down.

    One of the main differences between cold brew and regular coffee is that it’s much less acidic. This makes it a healthier option. Its taste is also smoother than most other coffee brewing techniques. Cold brew coffee can be safely stored in a refrigerator. That is why, many people who like to take their coffee that way make a large portion of it a couple of days ahead.

    Key takeaway: Cold brew is a coffee brewing technique that is becoming more popular. Cold brew coffees are less acidic and smoother. They are an ideal beverage for hot summer days.
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    Cold Brew Coffee in Restaurants

    There are many ways restaurants can benefit from the trends in the coffee industry. Adapting the venue’s menu according to the market is a must.

    Menu Differentiation

    Cold brew coffee can help your establishment stand out from the rest. As it takes more time to prepare, many restaurants prefer not to include this brewing type in their menus. However, some coffee lovers enjoy this technique and will pick a venue based on their coffee preferences.

    As coffee is considered a breakfast or afternoon beverage, you can include a cold brew in your brunch menu. You can add food pairings too. We’ll show you a couple of examples below.

    Being a cold drink, cold brew coffee is especially popular on hot summer days. Therefore, it can be a fine addition to a seasonal menu.

    Upselling Opportunity

    Beverages are easily upsellable. In the mornings and afternoons, a lot of your clients would likely enjoy a cup of coffee. And that’s one of the perfect upselling techniques for a waiter to offer them a refreshing beverage in the form of a cold brew coffee.

    Specialty coffee is becoming increasingly popular. And it’s particularly suitable for specialty coffee to be crewed using cold brewing technology. As its supply is much lower than regular coffee brands, its price is significantly higher. A restaurant can use this as another upselling opportunity to offer specialty cold brew coffee.

    Alternative to Hot Coffee

    Young people enjoy caffeine drinks such as coffee and matcha tea. Therefore, every venue should offer various alternatives to hot coffee drinks, especially in the warmer months. Furthermore, cold brews can be mixed with a variety of added flavors such as caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream on top.

    A tasteful alternative to cold brew coffee are espresso drinks such as iced latte, mocha, and Americano.

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    Types of Cold Brew Coffee

    Just like espresso drinks and tea varieties, there are numerous different types of cold brew coffee. Let’s check out the most popular ones.

    Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    This drink is created by infusing nitrogen gas through the coffee. The texture is smooth and creamy, similar to a dark stout beer. Venues that offer nitro coffee serve it on tap. It’s especially popular among young customers.

    Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

    Vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, chocolate, and coconut are among the preferred options for flavors in a cold brew beverage. They can either be added after the steeping process or during it. A lot of local roasters offer coffee beans with different flavors. They can be ground and steeped to achieve a tasteful and refreshing drink.

    Japanese Cold Brew Coffee

    This technique includes the usage of a special drip brewer. With its help, ice-cold water is slowly dripping over the coffee grounds. The flow needs to be very slow and the procedure takes several hours.

    Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee

    The bubbly texture of this type makes it a more refreshing option. A lot of people like their beverages carbonated and that includes even drinking sparkling iced coffee.

    Cold Brew Concentrate

    Many people enjoy their iced cold brew with regular or plant-based milk. In that case, it’s recommended that the coffee is concentrated. This stronger version of the drink is suitable to be mixed with more milk.

    Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails and Mixes

    There are numerous cocktail drinks and beverages that have cold brew as one of the ingredients. Among the popular options are cold brew bourbon, cold brew martini, and cold brew orange tonic. There’s a lot of room for experimentation and customization.

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    Cold Brew Coffee Pairings

    Just like tea and food combinations, a glass of cold brew coffee can complement a variety of dishes. Among the obvious choices are desserts. The freshness of the cold brew goes well with chocolate desserts. One example of a good combination is a glass of concentrated cold brew with fudgy vegan brownies. The bold flavor and texture of the drink will contrast with the sweet nature of this dessert. There are even businesses that offer dessert and cold brew subscription boxes.

    Breakfast food is strongly associated with coffee. So another idea for pairing will be with breakfast sandwiches like cheese, bacon, and avocado sandwiches. The bitterness of the coffee amplifies the taste of the sandwich as well as other breakfast food.

    Croissants, scones, muffins, and other pastries can be combined with a glass of fresh cold brew. Mix the coffee with milk, add some butter and jam on the side, and you get a classic French breakfast.

    Coffee and fruits are not a combination you hear of frequently. However, cold brew pairs well with some sweet fruits such as berries and melons. Its bold flavor and lower acidity can make it an excellent combination with citrus fruits too. Either in the form of fresh juice or as a fruit salad.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cold Brew Coffee

    Not sure if cold brew should be included in your venue’s menu? Perhaps the following questions will help you decide.

    Is Cold Brew Healthier?

    Yes. Since cold brew coffee is less acidic, it is a healthier option compared to regular one. Another reason why many choose the iced version of their favorite caffeine drink is that it’s easier on the stomach. You can also reduce the concentration of coffee by adding more ice or water to it. Something that’s not really an option with hot coffee.

    Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste the Same as Iced Americano?

    The two drinks are different in taste because they use different coffee brewing methods. Cold brew is smoother and less acidic. Iced Americano is basically a shot of espresso with cold water and ice.

    How to Flavor Cold Brew Coffee?

    Cold brews can be flavored with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic ingredients. Some of the preferred mixes are with chocolate syrup, maple syrup, vanilla, salted caramel, whipped cream, milk, liqueur, and bourbon.

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