Restaurant Coffee Trends: What to Expect in 2024 and Beyond

Nick Mirev
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    Even though coffee beans have been grown for centuries, in the past couple of decades, the coffee industry is notably changing. Opening a coffee shop is getting easier and more young people are drinking it than ever before. The role of tea and coffee in restaurant menus have changed as well. Cappuccino, latte, mocha, and various iced coffee beverages are an integral part of a restaurant’s menu now. In this blog article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to increase the value your guests get, how to upsell them on more expensive beverages, and what are the coffee trends in 2024.

    Key takeaway: Restaurants should not only incorporate the coffee trends of 2024 but also plan for the future. Some of the current trends include organic coffee, various plant-based milks, nitro coffee, functional coffee, and modern technologies like smart AI-powered coffee machines.
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    Restaurant Coffee Marketing Ideas

    Nowadays, marketing is everything. If you want to stand out from the crowd without increasing your marketing budget, your brand has to be interesting. One idea is to use guerrilla marketing techniques. They have the potential to become viral and popularize your venue internationally. Allow us to share five additional coffee marketing strategies you can implement easily.

    1. Include seasonal drinks in your restaurant coffee menu.
      Every season brings a different mood. That’s something restaurants can benefit from by having seasonal menus. Furthermore, your venue can also offer seasonal drinks.
      In the spring, you can offer brews with floral and citrus flavors. A good idea for your restaurant coffee menu is a salted caramel Frappuccino or lavender syrup latte.
      A great idea for a summer coffee drink is iced coffee. Combine it with flavors such as coconut, pistachio, or caramel. Cold drinks are preferred during the hot summer days, but some guests like their coffee hot. Make sure not to exclude those options too.
      People associate the fall with pumpkin, ginger, and spices. So, a pumpkin latte has the chance to become the most-ordered drink in your restaurant. Another idea for restaurant coffee is a maple-flavored cinnamon latte. Let's not forget that autumn still has warm days. Make sure to have cold options like a pumpkin cream cold brew.
      On cold winter days, hot drinks bring coziness. Eggnog latte, peppermint mocha latte, caramel brûlée coffee, and Irish coffee for that extra warmth. These are just a few ideas for restaurant coffee menus.
    2. Use social media to your advantage.
      “Do it for the gram” is an expression that became popular with the growth of Instagram. Many people will order things just to post them online. You can harness that in order to promote your restaurant coffee menu. An example of that is to add a Christmas-themed corner at your venue. The simplest idea is a mistletoe hanging and your guests can kiss under it. An Instagrammable (yes, that is a word) heart for Valentine’s Day will also attract a lot of young visitors.
    3. Host coffee-tasting events.
      If your place offers brunch, maybe you can combine them with coffee tasting. You can also partner with local coffee roasters. A professional barista can talk about the different brews the guests are tasting. A truly unique experience that will increase the value for your clients. This idea is suitable for many types of venues - from brunch cafés to restaurants. Furthermore, some companies host corporate social events. You can offer this service to local companies that are looking for ways to entertain and socialize their employees. 
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    2024 Restaurant Coffee Trends

    Serving more drinks is one of the ways to increase restaurant profits. Check out some tips on how you can do that by staying on top of the trends in the field of coffee.

    Coffee cocktails

    Cocktails mixed with coffee or other caffeine ingredients are an excellent way to spice up your beverage menu. Besides coffee, other elements of such a drink can be green tea, guarana, and Yerba maté. The top coffee cocktails you should consider adding to your cocktail list are Long Island iced coffee, cinnamon whiskey coffee cocktail, coffee buzz martini, espresso negroni, and classical Irish coffee.

    Technological innovations

    People often visit venues for the experience. With the advance of technology, there are plenty of possibilities to improve your restaurant coffee experience. There are smart coffee machines, robot baristas, and even AI-powered coffee machines. Imagine the attraction your venue will get if you integrate this restaurant technology.

    Functional coffee

    Nowadays, people often use various supplements or take additional vitamins in order to improve their health. Well, with functional coffee, you can get these nutrients with the coffee. Some of the popular options are coffees infused with protein, collagen, adaptogens, superfruits, and CBD.

    Sustainable options

    A lot of people want to consume only organically grown coffee from producers that implement eco-friendly practices. If your venue wishes to keep up with this trend, partner with wholesale coffee beans vendors offering certified organic products. Probably the most recognized certification program is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic certification.

    Nitro coffee

    First introduced in 2012, this variety of coffee has become increasingly popular in the US. Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas. This gives it a thick and creamy texture. Furthermore, nitrogen gas also takes away some of the acidity and bitterness of the coffee while also enhancing its strength. So you get a stronger caffeine boost while you enjoy a creamy coffee that looks almost like a pint of stout beer.

    Plant-based milk options

    Consumers expect good venues to have a variety of milk options. The most popular ones are almond, coconut, soy, and rice milk. However, there are other alternatives that go especially well with coffee. These are pistachio, cashew, and hazelnut milk. Keep in mind that more and more people are suffering from lactose malabsorption or intolerance. Therefore, having such milk options in your restaurant coffee list is very important.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Restaurant Coffee

    Restaurants should always strive to improve their service. This includes not only serving better dishes or extravagant plating but also improving their restaurant coffee menus. 

    What Kind of Coffee Do Most Restaurants Use?

    Most restaurants use medium-roast coffee. Cappuccino, latte, the standard long black coffee, and espresso drinks are a must on your menu. Most restaurants supply their food and beverages from wholesale vendors in order to have many options for specialty coffee blends.

    Do Restaurants Deliver Coffee?

    Yes, many venues offer coffee delivery services. Lately, more and more people are ordering food online on a daily basis. Some restaurants even have special menus with coffee and tea pairings with meals. This way, you can get an exceptional experience even from your home. Some businesses even offer cold brew coffee subscription boxes that are regularly delivered to homes and offices. 

    What Other Hot Beverages Should a Good Restaurant Offer?

    Other than various coffee options, good venues have many tea varieties. Guests enjoy pairing tea and food. You might want to include suitable combinations in your seasonal menu. Many places offer hot alcoholic drinks such as mulled cider or mulled red wine. These are excellent options for cold winter nights.

    What Would be the Future of Coffee Brewing?

    More and more people are discovering the many health benefits of bulletproof coffee. So it’s safe to say this will be an upcoming trend. Furthermore, innovations are everywhere and the coffee brewing industry is no exception. Scientists have successfully managed to make lab-grown coffee. This means in the near future our favorite hot drink might become more affordable and new blends will see the light of day.

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