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    What Is Video Commerce?

    Video commerce is the utilization of video content to promote and sell commercial products or services on the internet. It's a vital e-commerce tool for retailers because it can convert brand experience into a purchase. The best eCommerce websites should include videos somewhere on their site.

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    Why Is Video Commerce Effective?

    eCommerce videos are an effective way to demonstrate the benefits of your products and services to a niche market. They provide visual information about what you have to offer, leading to an increase in sales.

    Studies have shown that visitors to a retail site are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.

    Want to learn how eCommerce videos can increase sales for your business? Read on to learn more.

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    Product Videos for eCommerce

    What Is a Product Video?

    A product video is a marketing video that demonstrates a product's features, benefits, and practical uses. Product videos in e-commerce can share a large amount of information very quickly. Videos show what your product looks like and can strike an emotional connection with your customers.

    Studies have shown that more people are likely to watch a video than click on a link or read text. It's a result of the conciseness of eCommerce videos and how they can save time for your customers when shopping online.

    Where to Find Product Videos

    Product videos usually show up on product pages to help persuade consumers to buy. However, there are other places to promote them to increase product awareness. Businesses use product videos as part of their overall marketing strategy in emails and on social media.

    When visitors see videos on product pages, they're more likely to continue browsing on the site. It can help reduce the bounce rate for your site, as shoppers will spend more time watching videos relevant to their purchasing plans.

    There's an increased possibility that people will purchase your product after watching a video that explains its benefits and functions.

    Here are 5 reasons you should include product videos on your product pages:

    1- Increase conversions.

    Product videos provide consumers with a better understanding of what your product or service does in real-life situations. It's something that articles and photographs can't fully accomplish.

    One of the common complaints eCommerce shoppers have is the inability to touch and experience a product or service before purchasing it. Video offers an added dimension to your customers that reduces risk.

    2- Build brand authenticity.

    If you have a few creative minds on your marketing team, add some personality to your videos. A product video is another opportunity to interact with your audience and stand out from the crowd.

    Showcasing your brand authenticity can help customers see your business as genuine and original. These are two elements that increase trust and, most importantly, sales.

    3- Boost viewer engagement.

    As previously mentioned, videos tend to hold people's attention longer than words and photos. Most consumers would prefer to watch a video explaining a product's features than read a description.

    Video engages a viewer and increases the time they spend on your site.

    4- Higher SEO rankings.

    One benefit of people spending more time on your site is that it increases your rankings in Google's metrics. User-friendliness is one of the most important metrics that Google emphasizes from content.

    A higher SEO ranking boosts your brand awareness as more people are likely to find your webpage in their search.

    5- Contribute to overall marketing strategy.

    Some product videos work outside of your product page. They can boost your overall marketing strategy on other channels, such as email marketing and social media.

    Implementing Video Commerce

    Video commerce can boost sales and brand awareness for your business. The number of eCommerce stores that use product videos is dramatically increasing. Keep up with this trend to stay competitive, increase conversions, and use the latest technology and social media platforms.

    If you haven't utilized video commerce yet, now's the perfect time to get involved.

    Here are 7 things to consider when implementing video commerce for your site:

    1- First Impression

    Create an experience with your product from the moment it's touched. Show your service in the initial seconds it's being provided.

    You want to present a positive first impression of your products and services to foster an emotional connection with your audience.

    2- Authenticity

    Show your product or service with a user in a realistic setting. Customers want to see the practical functionality of their purchase and how it benefits them.

    Avoid using strange and unnatural voice-overs in your video. Match the speaker to the setting of the video to create authenticity.

    If you shoot an outdoor video and the audio isn't good, use an off-screen narrator to speak. Include an introduction with the person speaking in your outdoor setting before switching to a shot with narration.

    3- Simplicity

    Use practical examples of how your product or service can add benefits or address pain points for your customers.

    Avoid complex situations that can cloud the understanding of your potential buyer.

    4- Professionalism

    Produce your eCommerce video like a professional, using quality video and sound equipment. Consider hiring a professional to record your videos and provide insight for improving them.

    If you do it internally, ensure you have optimal lighting and record your video in an appropriate location. If you're using videos from social media, ensure that the quality matches the standards you would expect for the rest of your business image.

    5- Personality

    People using your products establish a human connection with your audience.

    Include people in your video to demonstrate exactly how your product or service works and potentially benefits your customers.

    6- Knowledge Is Power

    Take time to explain what you're doing in your video and the reasons why you're doing it. The instruction process should convey a good understanding of your product or service.

    Customers feel powerful in knowing the benefits and results during the instructional process in your video.

    7- Highlight Your Videos

    Designate an area on your product page for video content. A good place is above the page fold, next to your image gallery, with a drop-down list of choices.

    Don't hide them at the bottom of your product pages. Make sure they're easily accessible to your audience, so your business will benefit from them.

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    Start Producing eCommerce Videos

    A Good Investment

    Producing high-quality eCommerce videos is an investment of money and time, especially if you want to optimize their effectiveness. However, it's an investment that will pay off in the long run for your business.

    Online shopping might be a common practice, but people still experience a feeling of risk when they shop at a new store.

    Reduce Consumer Apprehension

    You can reduce your consumers' apprehension about purchasing your products and services by planning and filming eCommerce videos. It allows you to provide additional information and demonstrate the practical use of your products and services.

    Most importantly, it enables you the chance to show integrity and build trust with potential buyers.

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