Pepperi vs. BlueCart: How Do the Two Platforms Compare?

Lauren Platero
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    Pepperi and BlueCart are both software companies that offer a wide selection of B2B eCommerce solutions. While Pepperi services multiple business sectors, it’s evident that BlueCart specializes in the food and beverage industry. More specifically, the majority of BlueCart users operate within the restaurant industry.

    But how does BlueCart and Pepperi differ from one another beyond order management functionalities? Well, in this blog post, we’re going to outline some of the most sought-after features both companies have to offer. By the end, you should see a clearer picture of how each provider can assist various business types. Now, let's begin.

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    BlueCart Features At a Glance

    It’s no surprise that BlueCart is one of the leading SaaS platforms for brands across the hospitality industry. Backed by awards and accolades, we offer an array of features that help wholesale suppliers and business owners better serve their clients. Meanwhile, they can streamline day-to-day operations during the process. See below for ten sought-after features brought to you by BlueCart:

    1. Inventory Management

    Say goodbye to taking inventory with paper and pen. With the BlueCart app, you can automatically take inventory as purchased quantities of different products are deducted from your POS system. So, grocery or restaurant inventory management processes can be simplified entirely, from your first couple of purchases, all the way to scheduling each reorder point.

    2. BlueCart Pay

    Whether you're a wholesale distributor or restaurant business owner, you can benefit from onboarding vendor management tools. Instead of paying all your vendors through different accounts, you can do it all in one place thanks to BlueCart Pay. All payments will be secured via Stripe or Plaid, ensuring safety and data security for both parties of every transaction.

    3. User-Friendly App

    The BlueCart app is accessible to buyers and sellers. It provides both parties with easy access to orders, product catalogs, and more while on the go. It’s available for iPhone and Android users, too. As you can imagine, the ability to use a mobile app on a handheld device is ideal for convenience, especially when somebody is tracking inventory and placing orders.

    4. Wholesale Directory 

    Wholesale food suppliers can add their entire product catalog to a wholesale directory. Then, it will be visible to all the buyers. As a result, these companies can dramatically boost their brand’s visibility in the market. Then, as mentioned, all BlueCart clients who use the platform to purchase wholesale products can browse through this directory to shop for the best items available.

    5. Payment Processing

    Between real-time payments and paperless billing, BlueCart makes it simpler than ever to manage all your invoices. Plus, we’re proud to offer the lowest payment collection fees in the industry. So, not only can you retrieve and process invoices at a much quicker rate, but at a significantly lower cost than it would be elsewhere.

    6. Invoice Management 

    Distribution companies can begin managing their invoices by using templates to create branded designs. Then, they can easily track them through their account to monitor whether or not the recipients are making timely payments. If you’re currently using QuickBooks to create and distribute all your invoices, no worries! We can pull financial data directly from your profile, adding it to your BlueCart account.

    7. Route Optimization

    Keep track of product shipments with our route optimization software features. Distributors can select the best route to reach their destination on time, even if the shipment is already in transit. By sending a new route in just a flash, suppliers can optimize each driver’s time on the road.

    8. Demand Planning

    For those who are on the buyer side of BlueCart, purchasing too much inventory can lead to risks, like food spoilage and higher food costs. One way to combat these issues is by conducting inventory forecasting efforts. Luckily, the BlueCart app allows you to do this, ensuring that you purchase exactly what you need, when you need it.

    9. Fast Onboarding Process

    Do you need wholesale distribution or inventory management tools sooner than later? No worries! Once you sign a contract with us, we can have your account up and running within one to two weeks! That’s with all your catalogs uploaded and customers invited to the platform, too. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the training you need to deliver a stellar customer experience.

    10. Free Updates

    BlueCart is an ever-growing platform that frequently has new features on the horizon. One of the many perks of being an existing client is that when new updates roll out, you won’t see additional fees on your monthly statements. They come free of charge, every single time.

    BlueCart Pricing and Fees 

    If you’re looking for solutions that will fit reasonably within your budget, you’re in luck! BlueCart is recognized for offering some of the most affordable prices in the industry for order management software. Plus, there are no hidden fees or sudden fluctuations. 

    It’s important to note that since we do operate as a subscription, the monthly rate for one client may differ for another. So, feel free to reach out to inquire how we can get cost-effective yet powerful solutions up and running for your business!

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    PepperI Features At a Glance

    Before jumping into the nitty gritty details of Pepperi, it’s important to note that the company is built for brands ranging from medium-sized businesses to enterprises. Unlike BlueCart, there aren’t as many solutions geared toward small businesses. 

    So, what exactly does Pepperi do? Well, it combines B2B eCommerce tools with various plugins and app integrations. As a result, clients can maximize sales and revenue. See below for a handful of their most popular features:

    1. Mobile Ordering

    Businesses and customers can place orders online through the Pepperi platform. The ability to do so allows both parties to personalize orders, track shipments, and so much more. The convenience of online ordering is also ideal for establishing a great user experience.

    2. eCommerce Integrations

    The best part about cloud technology is that multiple software solutions can sync to create a more inclusive product. With Pepperi, clients can utilize numerous platforms at a time. While the software may not be able to connect with everything, it seems to be pretty flexible.

    3. Data Analytics 

    Pepperi clients have access to charts and graphs displaying valuable sales data. A clear view of your performance will allow you to accurately gauge strategies and other eCommerce-related efforts. Plus, all the data is stored within a dashboard accessible from any device through the Pepperi login page.

    4. Mobile CRM System

    Clients can manage customer relationships with ease via Pepperi’s CRM system. From customer inquiries to monitoring the sales funnel, CRM functionalities are ideal for eCommerce businesses. So, this feature should come in handy on a regular basis.

    5. eCommerce Plugins

    Similar to integrations, Pepperi offers a selection of plugins designed for cloud based ERP systems. To name a few, the Pepperi software can connect to platforms like QuickBooks, Oracle, and WordPress.

    Pepperi Pricing and Fees 

    Like most hospitality software companies, Pepperi operates as a subscription service. As of May 2024, it seems as though the Pepperi pricing model charges clients about $500 per month, per feature. 

    Instead of offering an all-inclusive package, the brand operates on more of an “a la carte” subscription model. So, it’s important to bear in mind that monthly rates will depend on each client’s individual needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Pepperi vs. BlueCart

    Hopefully, this article will serve as a thorough source of information about the differences between Pepperi vs. BlueCart. But if you still have questions, we’ve got you covered! Check out the FAQ section below for more insight.

    Are Pepperi and BlueCart the Same?

    No, while Pepperi and BlueCart are competing platforms, there are a handful of distinct differences. The majority of the distinctions revolve around integrations, payment processing features, customizations, and more.

    Is Pepperi or BlueCart More Expensive?

    Pepperi definitely has a tendency to be more expensive than BlueCart. It’s worth noting that BlueCart is significantly less expensive than Choco and Pepper, too. That’s why BlueCart is suitable for businesses of all sizes and stages.

    Where Is Pepperi Based?

    Pepperi is based in New York, New York. However, they have warehouses all across the United States. 

    When Was Pepperi Founded?

    According to Crunchbase, Pepperi was founded in 2012. As of 2024, they do business in over 60 countries.

    What Kinds of Businesses Use Pepperi?

    eCommerce businesses of various industries use Pepperi. To name a few, they serve fashion, beauty, and optical businesses. Their primary source of product differentiation is certainly their willingness to cater to numerous sectors.

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