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    If you love the challenge of running your own business, learning the wholesale definition is a great place to start. Discovering how to become a wholesaler and how to run a wholesale business includes learning about how to buy wholesale, how to run a wholesale distribution business, how to get a wholesale license, and which wholesale items to sell

    Once you’ve decided on what to sell, you need to know how to find vendors. The simplest and fastest way to find relevant suppliers is through a wholesale marketplace. These online directories are a key link for all types of eCommerce businesses

    There are hundreds of wholesale directories online, but many of them offer products for specific industries. An increasing number of suppliers also offer direct-to-consumer services like dropshipping. Keep reading to discover the best wholesale directories for every niche, especially if you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business and are looking for eCommerce business ideas

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    Wholesale Beauty Supply Distributors Directory

    In the US alone, the beauty industry generates over $530 billion annually and is projected to grow at a rate of 13% year over year (YoY). Due to the rapid consumption of beauty products, the number of wholesale beauty and cosmetics suppliers is also growing quickly. These products are valuable for both B2B vs B2C businesses.

    Here are some of the leading wholesale beauty supply directories: 

    • Cosmetic Index
    • eWorldTrade
    • GreenDropShip
    • Cosmetics Business
    • Global Sources
    • Mr. Checkout
    • Independent Retailer
    • Wholesale Central

    Wholesale Medical Supplies Directory

    Every day, healthcare practitioners rely on specific tools to complete their work. From blades and PPE to bags and tubing, there are dozens of disposable supplies hospitals need.

    There is also laboratory technology, rehabilitation equipment, and x-ray gear. The medical supplies industry is growing by about 2% YoY in the US.

    Here are the best wholesale directories for medical supplies: 

    • Medical Wholesale, LLC
    • Medical Equipment and Supplies Directory
    • Regional Directory (regionaldirectory.us)
    • Wholesale Central

    Wholesale Pet Supplies Directory

    The bonds humans have with their pets have always been prominent. The US pet industry enjoys about $232 billion in annual revenue and is expected to grow by 6% each year.

    Freshwater fish, cats, and dogs are the most common US pets. Small mammals, reptiles, and saltwater fish comprise a large percentage of other pet ownership. If you have a passion for supporting the pet industry, there is a lot of opportunity to be taken. 

    Manage and track your multiple vendors and streamline the entire procurement process. Download our free easy-to-use Wholesale Vendor Management Spreadsheet Templates.

    Take a look at the leading wholesale pet supplies directories below: 

    • PetEdge
    • King Wholesale
    • PIDA (Pet Industry Distributors Association)
    • 4WholesaleUSA
    • SaleHoo
    • Petfood Industry
    • Popular Wholesale
    • Worldwide Brands

    Wholesale Food Directory

    Food and grocery wholesaling is already worth over $1 trillion in the US and is expected to grow by 1.8% YoY. 2022 food trends like paleo, keto, vegan, and pescetarian have increased the number of businesses in this niche as well. There's a huge market for DTC food out there, so you'll have the ability to sell direct to consumer as well.

    Here are the top general food wholesale directory

    • BlueCart
    • Dealerbaba
    • Wholesale Central
    • Bevnet
    • Specialty Food Magazine
    • The Big Directory
    • Best of the Web
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    Seafood Wholesale Distributors Directory

    If you’re a buyer at a restaurant or grocery store, you may be looking for wholesale seafood distributors. About 56% of seafood is purchased via retail outlets and around 31% is bought at a restaurant.

    Here are the leading seafood wholesale directories:

    • FishChoice
    • SeafoodSource
    • UFishTrader
    • Sea-Ex
    • Trade-Seafood
    • Aquafind

    Meat Wholesalers Directory

    Most restaurants and grocery outlets that carry seafood also carry meat products. The meat industry is expected to grow by 6% YoY and already sees over $600 billion in annual revenue. 

    Below is a list of prominent wholesale meat directories: 

    • Manta
    • Kompass
    • eSources
    • Provisioner Online
    • The Big Directory
    • MacRAE’s Bluebook
    • Eastern Market

    Wholesale Crafts Wholesale Craft Supplies Directory

    Crafts and creative supplies is an industry that’s growing by 2.7% YoY. As homeschooling, extracurricular activities, and paid art-making events are on the rise, this industry offers lots of opportunities. 

    Take a look at some of the top wholesale craft supplies directories: 

    • Independent Retailer
    • Art Materials Retailer
    • Popular Wholesale
    • The Craft Booth
    • Bulk Office Supply
    • Fine Crafts Imports
    • Dollar Days
    • Wholesalers Network
    • SaleHoo
    • Wholesale Central
    • Regional Directory

    Outdoor Gear Wholesalers Directory

    Camping, hiking, and traveling are popular pastimes that millions of US consumers participate in. The camping gear industry generates multiple millions in annual revenue and is projected to grow 6.68% YoY. 

    Here are the most prominent outdoor gear wholesalers directories: 

    • Thomasnet
    • Mr. Checkout
    • Clever Wholesale
    • CWR Wholesale Distribution
    • Wholesale Central
    • Blue Ridge Knives
    • Direct Dropshippers
    • Wholesale Case Price
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    Wholesale Office Supplies Directory

    Businesses of all kinds and sizes depend on regular availability of supplies like paper, folders, pens, paperclips, binders, and filing cabinets. The office supplies industry generates $230 billion or more each year and is growing by 2.4% annually. 

    Below are some of the top wholesale office supply directories: 

    • Bulk Office Supply
    • Zuma Office
    • Office Super Savers
    • On Time Supplies
    • Blue Star Empire
    • Wholesalers Network
    • Buy Online Now
    • Regional Directory

    Furniture Wholesale Directory

    In the US, the average individual moves nearly 12 times throughout their life, and roughly one in 10 Americans moves each year. Coinciding with these moves is the expanding, multi-billion dollar wholesale furniture industry. Furniture wholesaling is expected to grow by roughly 2.15% annually.

    Here are the leading furniture wholesale directories: 

    • FGmarket
    • My Local Wholesaler
    • Inventory Source
    • GoTen
    • Orderhive
    • Consumer Goods Distribution

    Greeting Card Wholesalers Directory

    It’s estimated that about 7 billion greeting cards are purchased annually in the US alone. Overall retail sales are around $7.5 billion even as electronic greeting cards battle for market share. If you're looking into B2B sales, this is a great choice as long as you invest appropriately in B2B marketing.

    Take a look at the top greeting card wholesalers directories here: 

    • PowerHomeBiz
    • FGmarket
    • The Greeting Card Association
    • Manta
    • eSources
    • Paper Index
    • India Mart
    • The Wholesaler

    Hardware Wholesalers Directory

    Hardware equipment is used for building and maintaining homes, personal hobbies, repairs, and commercial projects. The US hardware industry sees annual revenue of about $350 billion with an expected 4.1% YoY growth. 

    Here are the premier wholesale hardware directories: 

    • Reiss Wholesale Hardware
    • Kompass
    • STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association) 
    • Global Sources
    • Independent Retailer
    • PR.com
    • Consumers Goods Distribution
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Directories

    What is a wholesale directory?

    A wholesale directory provides details regarding different wholesale companies that sell certain items.

    What is an outdoor gear wholesalers directory?

    An outdoor gear wholesalers directory provides information about wholesalers that sell products including tents, camping equipment, outdoor products, and more.

    What is a wholesale foods directory?

    A wholesale foods directory can provide consumers with information regarding businesses or wholesalers that specialize in selling wholesale food items, such as BlueCart.

    The Directory to End All Directories

    Using a dedicated supplier directory can make your life far easier as a business owner. You no longer need to scour eCommerce marketplaces that may not be relevant for your needs. Use this list to narrow in on suppliers that will make a difference for you and your customers. You can sell to direct to consumer brands, through your own headless eCommerce site, or both. Just make sure to invest in the right eCommerce software and eCommerce fulfillment team to ensure steady growth.

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