Soda Wholesale Distributors: Guide on Soft Drinks Supplier

Nick Mirev
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    Soft drinks are undoubtedly one of the most important components in the beverage industry. Their refreshing and quenching characteristics make them excellent drink and food pairings for almost any meal. A lot of businesses in the restaurant industry work with soda wholesale distributors. Many soft drinks come in concentrated form. That way, food service businesses get a lower wholesale price per unit and it’s easier to organize and store the beverages. In the following blog article, we’ll dive deeper into the soft drinks industry. We’ll share more about the most popular soda beverages as well as what other products can companies buy from soda wholesale distributors.

    The Most Popular Soda Drinks

    Food service establishments often stock large quantities of carbonated beverages. In fact, some soda wholesale distributors have subscription-based orders for restaurants in order to automate the ordering process. Unlike wholesale coffee distributors, suppliers of soft drinks usually don’t offer beverages from all around the world. Instead, most soda drinks are produced in the US. Here are the most popular ones.

    1. Coca-Cola. This iconic beverage has become a symbol all across the globe. It has different varieties like diet coke or Coca-Cola Zero.
    2. Pepsi. PepsiCo is the biggest beverage company in the world and Pepsi is their star brand. It’s a main competitor for Cola.
    3. Diet Pepsi and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. These alternatives to the classical drinks substitute sugar and corn syrup with aspartame and other sweeteners. The result is a beverage that is very similar in taste and has zero calories.
    4. Dr. Pepper. Even though it’s mostly popular in the US, Dr. Pepper’s unique flavor makes it a preferred option for many. 
    5. Sprite. The lemon-flavored soda is not only a popular drink on its own but also an ingredient in many summer cocktails. It combines well with whiskey, vodka, gin, and other spirits offered by wholesale drinks suppliers.
    6. Mountain Dew. Its citrusy taste makes it a preferred seasonal drink for many in the summer. It has different flavor options like Baja Blast, Code Red, and Voltage.
    7. Fanta. It’s one of the soft drinks that have the most varieties worldwide. It’s fruit-flavored and is an ideal refreshment throughout the entire year. 
    8. 7UP. With its lemon-lime taste, this soda is very similar to Sprite. It’s also frequently found in many basic cocktail recipes.

    Even though these are the most popular drinks offered by soda wholesale distributors, there are many alternatives to them on the market. Food-serving businesses often might prefer to stock less-known brands for their soda fountain machines. 

    As soda drinks raise a lot of health concerns, many restaurants are actively trying to offer less carbonated beverages and more alternatives. That’s why there’s an increase in sales of wholesale water and bulk concentrate juice. In addition, some customers are switching from sugar-rich beverages to healthier options such as matcha drinks or vegetable smoothies. That’s among the restaurant industry trends that are likely to stay.

    Key takeaway: Soda wholesale distributors offer not only soft drinks but also other beverages, snack options, and equipment. Most businesses that sell drinks buy them in bulk. 
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    Products Offered by Soda Wholesale Distributors

    In addition to stocking soft drinks, companies often find suppliers that can deliver a wide range of additional wholesale products. Let’s dive a little deeper into the main product categories offered by some of the soda wholesale distributors.

    Other Beverages

    Wholesale businesses that trade in the beverage industry offer a variety of additional non-alcoholic drinks. Some examples include iced tea, energy drinks, and water. Suppliers also offer mixers commonly used for cocktails such as club soda and ginger ale.


    The major beverage companies in the world also have snack brands in their product mix. That’s why wholesalers often have chips or other snack alternatives in their catalogs.

    Machines and Equipment

    Distributors might also sell refrigeration equipment such as coolers. Furthermore, some suppliers also offer vending machines, soda fountain machines, and other dispensers. Additional accessories such as cocktail shakers, wholesale cups, or juicers.

    Marketing Materials

    As big brands in the beverage industry are investing a lot in advertising, they might give soda wholesale distributors incentives to offer marketing materials to their customers. These materials are especially important during promotional campaigns or holiday seasons. It helps both retailers and beverage brands boost sales and maximize revenue.

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    Pros and Cons of Buying Bulk Soft Drinks

    Advantages of Buying Wholesale Soda Drinks

    A major reason for businesses to buy soft drinks in bulk is the lower price. Buying in bulk leads to significant cost cuts and increases the profit margin of businesses. Another argument in favor of buying large quantities of soda beverages is the fact that they are the most preferred option for many customers. That’s why small to medium restaurants will rarely buy less frequently ordered items in bulk like wholesale champagne or wholesale tequila. 

    The wide selection of flavors and sizes offered by distributors is also an additional reason for restaurants and other establishments to buy soft drinks from wholesalers. It’s more convenient to work with a supplier that has a wide range of products.

    Disadvantages of Buying Wholesale Soda Drinks

    As the beverage industry is one of the most aggressive in terms of marketing, businesses are often not allowed to offer drinks produced by competing companies. That’s why a lot of venues that sell products by The Coca-Cola Company don’t offer any PepsiCo brands or vice versa. Thus, if you wish to sell some brands, you might be obliged to partner directly with the manufacturer instead of working with soda wholesale distributors.

    Choosing to work with a specific brand instead of a wholesaler means you might get additional benefits as well. For example, restaurants that offer products by PepsiCo or The Coca-Cola Company might request free branded equipment such as coolers or dispensers. Soda wholesale distributors don’t offer such equipment for free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Soft Drinks

    The soda drinks market is one of the largest on the planet. That’s why you might have a lot of questions related to soda wholesale distributors and the products they offer. Let’s see some of the frequently asked ones.

    What Is the Most Popular Soft Drink?

    Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands worldwide. It’s certainly the most popular soft drink in the US and the world. Even though The Coca-Cola Company produces the most popular soft drink, their main competitor PepsiCo currently has larger revenue. There are multiple reasons for this but one of them is the fact that businesses often prefer to purchase Pepsi when partnering with soda wholesale distributors. In addition, PepsiCo also has many brands and subsidiaries around the world.

    What Can You Mix with Soft Drinks?

    There are numerous cocktails that combine soft drinks and spirits. Businesses that purchase soft beverages from soda wholesale distributors might also purchase wholesale liquor, wholesale energy drinks, or wholesale wine. Here are some of the popular mixes between soft drinks and liquor:

    1. Cuba Libre. This cocktail combines the tastes of rum and coke;
    2. Whiskey and coke. One of the common variations of this cocktail is Jack and Coke. It combines Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey with a refreshing cola. Traders of wholesale whiskey offer pre-made mixed drinks of JD & coke in different sizes;
    3. Gin and tonic. This is one of the most preferred cocktails in the UK. It’s rejuvenating and fresh;
    4. Vodka or tequila and Sprite. The sweetness of the sprite complements a lot of spirits. Vodka, tequila, and gin are among them;
    5. Calimocho. Mixing wine and coke might sound like something unusual, but it’s a popular drink in Spain and some Latin countries.

    Are Soda Drinks Bad for Your Health?

    Yes, soft drinks have a negative effect on health when consumed in excess. In the case of soft drinks, the popular saying that "the dose makes the poison" is fully valid. Soda drinks can be bad for your health if you consume large quantities of them. If you just enjoy their refreshing effect occasionally, you have much less to worry about. The main health concerns associated with soft drinks include:

    • Their high sugar content;
    • The impact on bone density;
    • Their caffeine content;
    • Their negative effect on the digestive system.

    Venues often strive to include in their menus not only soda drinks but also fresh juices or water. 

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