11 Types of Ice Cream: How to Design an Ice Cream Shop Menu

Joanna Okedara
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    In the ever-evolving world of ice cream business, finding that sweet spot between innovation and tradition can be as delightful as savoring a perfectly scooped ice cream cone on a scorching summer day. 

    Key Takeaway: Just as every ice cream flavor tells a unique story with its blend of ingredients, your ice cream shop too has its own distinct narrative. One way to boost your unique selling proposition is to design your ice cream menu list in the right way.

    There are different types of ice cream. In fact, your ice cream shop sales can be directly impacted by the types of ice cream on your menu. 

    So, how should you design your ice cream menu list? What types of ice cream should be on it? Let’s find out!


    Types of Ice Cream Flavors

    There are a number of ice cream flavors with each flavor having its own peculiar taste and experience. Here are the common flavors you can find around. 

    Smooth and Creamy Delights

    • Vanilla: The classic, beloved by many for its simplicity and versatility. Vanilla ice cream flavor literally combines well with many other flavors. 
    • Chocolate: Rich, indulgent, and a chocolate lover's dream. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, the options are endless.
    • Strawberry: Sweet, fruity, and pink-colored, strawberry ice cream captures the essence of summer in every bite.
    • Mint Chocolate Chip: Cool and refreshing mint paired with the crunch of different types of chocolate chips. It's a timeless favorite.
    • Cookies and Cream: A childhood favorite, this flavor combines creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate cookies.

    Fruity Frosty Delights

    • Fruit Sorbets: From zesty lemon to exotic mango, fruit sorbets offer a refreshing, dairy-free option with intense fruit flavors.
    • Raspberry Ripple: Tangy raspberries swirled into creamy ice cream create a delightful balance of sweet and tart.
    • Peach Melba: A sophisticated choice with ripe peach and raspberry swirls, capturing the essence of a classic dessert.
    • Coconut: Creamy coconut ice cream can transport your customers to a tropical paradise with every bite.
    • Black Cherry: Bursting with the deep, sweet flavor of ripe black cherries, this flavor is a fruity delight.

    Unconventional Adventures

    • Salted Caramel: The perfect blend of sweet and salty, making it a contemporary favorite.
    • Matcha Green Tea: For the health-conscious and flavor adventurers, matcha offers a unique, earthy taste.
    • Lavender Honey: A fragrant and elegant choice, lavender honey ice cream is both floral and sweet.

    The key to a successful ice cream menu is balance. If you aim to make your ice cream shop the seat of every ice cream lover in your location, then you must offer classic favorites and unique flavor combinations. You must be flexible, dynamic, and unpredictable in crafting your ice cream menu.


    11 Types of Ice Cream

    To have an encompassing ice cream menu, it is important you have a full grasp of the wholesale ice cream types. There are lots of ice cream types to fill up the ice cream menu list in your ice cream shop.

    Here are the top 11 types of wholesale ice cream.

    1. Gelato: Originating from Italy, gelato is known for its dense, creamy texture and intense flavors. It has less butterfat which gives it its characteristic richer taste.
    2. Sorbet: A wholesale dairy-free option, sorbet is a refreshing treat made primarily from fruit puree, sugar, and water. Lactose-intolerant customers can feed their hunger for ice cream with a sorbet. You can also opt to add sorbet to your ice cream shop's menu if your customers like fruit-palate dessert.
    3. Frozen Yogurt: A healthier alternative to traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt (or "froyo") offers a tangy taste and probiotic benefits. Froyo comes in various blends and flavors. it can also pair with a vast range of toppings.
    4. Sherbet: Similar to sorbet but with a small amount of dairy, sherbet is known for its fruit-forward flavors and creamy consistency. It strikes a balance between sorbet and traditional ice cream.
    5. Custard: With a higher egg yolk content, custard ice cream is incredibly rich and smooth. It's the base for classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, offering a luxurious mouthfeel.
    6. Soft Serve: A beloved staple of ice cream stands and trucks, soft serve is known for its airy, smooth texture. It's served directly from the machine and can be swirled into cones or cups.
    7. Low-Fat and Sugar-Free: Catering to dietary preferences and restrictions, low-fat and sugar-free ice creams are a must. They allow customers with health-conscious or diabetic needs to indulge without guilt.
    8. Artisanal/Handcrafted: Artisanal ice cream is crafted in small batches, often with locally sourced ingredients. These flavors are characterized by their unique, homemade taste and high quality.
    9. Sundae Cones: Combining the classic ice cream cone with indulgent toppings like chocolate and nuts, sundae cones offer a delightful mix of textures and flavors.
    10. Novelties: You literally feed your ice cream thirst without walls with novelties. Novelties are ice creams that can be molded into other shapes and sizes. Examples include sandwiches, ice cream bars, and popsicles.  
    11. Exotic/Global Flavors: Experimenting with international flavors like green tea, saffron, or taro can be a captivating way to introduce your customers to new taste experiences.

    How to Design an Ice Cream Menu: Ice Cream Menu Design

    Having talked about the most wanted ice cream types and flavors, it is important to discuss how to design your ice cream menu. The way you present your offerings can significantly impact customer perception and eCommerce sales

    Here's how to create an enticing ice cream digital menu that's not only visually appealing but also user-friendly:

    • Clear Organization: Start with a well-organized structure. Group your ice cream types (gelato, sorbet, Froyo, etc.) together, and within each category, list the flavors in a logical order. For example, you might begin with classic flavors and then progress to more exotic or specialty options.
    • Descriptive Titles: Use concise, mouthwatering titles for each ice cream flavor. Customers should be able to understand the essence of the flavor from its name alone. For instance, "Velvet Chocolate Delight" is more enticing than simply "Chocolate."
    • Vibrant Imagery: Incorporate high-quality images of your ice cream offerings. Visuals play a significant role in enticing customers. Showcase scoops or cones of each flavor with enticing garnishes and toppings.
    • Color Palette: Choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand and the overall ambiance of your ice cream shop. Colors should be visually appealing but also easy to read.
    • Font Selection: Opt for legible fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Avoid overly decorative fonts that might confuse customers. Make sure the font size is large enough for effortless reading.
    • Pricing Clarity: Clearly display the price of each item. Use a consistent format, such as placing prices on the right-hand side or below each flavor description. Avoid using overly small or hidden font sizes for prices.
    • Allergen Information: If applicable, provide allergen information or dietary labels (e.g., "Contains Nuts," "Gluten-Free") to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions or allergies.
    • Specials and Loyalty Rewards: Highlight any daily specials, seasonal flavors, or promotions with eye-catching banners or graphics. Consider using bold colors or icons to draw attention to these offerings.
    • Signature Creations: If your shop offers unique ice cream creations or combinations, give them a dedicated section on the menu. Describe what makes each creation special and why customers should try them.
    • Customization Options: If your ice cream shop allows customers to customize their treats with toppings, syrups, or mix-ins, create a section explaining these options. Use clear icons or symbols to indicate the choices available.
    • Contact Information: Include your shop's contact information and social media handles at the bottom or on a separate page of the menu. Encourage customers to connect with your brand online.
    • Reviews: Consider adding customer testimonials or reviews to your menu. Positive feedback can build trust and encourage customers to try your offerings.
    • Digital Interactivity: If you have a digital menu, consider incorporating interactive features. For instance, you can add buttons that allow customers to switch between ice cream types or flavors with a simple touch.
    • Regular Updates: Keep your menu up to date with seasonal offerings and any changes in your ice cream lineup. Nothing disappoints customers more than not finding a flavor that was listed on the menu but isn't available.

    Frequently Asked Questions Ice Cream Menu Ideas

    Making an ice cream menu for your whole ice cream business may be confusing because it is not always easy to choose the right flavors and ice cream types.

    Here are the answers to some questions that will help you have a convincing ice cream menu for your wholesale ice cream business.

    Should I Use Digital Menus or Printed Menus?

    Digital and printed ice cream menus both have their respective good sides. When you can easily edit your digital menu to include new menu updates, you can’t do that on paper. The paper menu on the other hand helps to keep memories. You will have to go with the one that suits your brand.

    How Can I Effectively Price My Ice Cream Menu Items?

    Your prices should be competitive and it must show that you sell quality and unique ice cream menu items. Remember to factor the ingredient costs, local market pricing trends, overhead and profit margins into your pricing. 

    What are the Most Essential Types of Ice Creams to Put in My Ice Cream Shop’s Menu List?

    The following are the ice cream types and flavors that you should consider when making your menu list:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Gelato
    • Sorbet
    • Frozen Yogurt
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