Types of Chocolate to Sell Wholesale - Dark, Milk, & White

Gracie Tidwell
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    From the rich flavors of dark chocolate to the creamy texture of white chocolate, there are different types of chocolate and it's no wonder chocolate is a massive industry. In fact, the global chocolate market is worth 113.16 billion USD. This presents a lucrative opportunity for those interested in starting a wholesale chocolate business

    Chocolate wholesalers provide chocolate to a wide range of buyers. This includes wholesale candy production companies, bakeries, and more. 

    There are many types of chocolate to consider when starting your business. Learn more about three different types of chocolate to help you get started.

    Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate is a great option to sell wholesale. It’s important to understand what makes this chocolate different from other types of chocolate. 

    Dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa solids and less sugar than other varieties. This results in a unique flavor profile. Dark chocolate has a rich and intense flavor. It also has a slightly bitter taste when compared to other types of chocolate.

    Dark chocolate offers multiple health benefits. Consumed in moderation, dark chocolate has a potentially positive effect on heart health. Some studies also link dark chocolate with improved mood. 

    In recent years, trends show a preference for dark chocolate. The health benefits of chocolate means it aligns with recent food trends toward healthier foods. There is an increase in demand for premium, high quality dark chocolate. Many healthy snack ideas contain dark chocolate. It’s a great option to indulge yourself while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Dark chocolate is in high demand. It's more expensive than other types of chocolate, but remains popular. Potential buyers for wholesale dark chocolate include dessert retailers and specialty chocolate stores. Wholesale candy retailers could also be a buyer.

    Key Takeaway: There are many types of chocolate you can sell as a chocolate wholesaler. Each type of chocolate has unique qualities, flavors, and applications to consider when deciding which type to sell.   
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    Milk Chocolate

    Milk chocolate is another type of chocolate that is ideal to sell wholesale. Milk chocolate has a creamy, sweet taste. This taste is a result of the milk solids in the chocolate. Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids, sugars, and milk powder.

    Milk chocolate is one of the most popular types of chocolate. You can find milk chocolate in most places that sell sweets, including brick and mortar stores. Milk chocolate appeals to consumers of all ages. A variety of different chocolate bars and treats contain milk chocolate.

    Because of its mild taste and versatility, milk chocolate is a popular choice for dessert options. Milk chocolate is often combined with other ingredients. It can even be added to desserts that contain other types of chocolate. Milk chocolate is often used in innovative chocolate products.

    There is a wide range of potential buyers for wholesale milk chocolate. You could sell to candy manufacturers, bakeries, ice cream shops, and more. 

    White Chocolate

    White chocolate is very different from other types of chocolate. Some even question if you can consider white chocolate “real” chocolate. Let’s look at what makes white chocolate so unique.

    White chocolate has a creamy, vanilla flavor. The texture of white chocolate is velvety and smooth. This texture means that white chocolate is often used as a drizzle or coating.

    Cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, and milk solids are the main ingredients of white chocolate. White chocolate lacks cocoa solids. Because it doesn’t contain cocoa solids, some people don’t consider white chocolate to be  true chocolate. Despite this controversy, white chocolate has a large market and many uses. 

    White chocolate is often used in baking. Its flavor, texture, and color make it an appealing choice. It is also used in specialty coffee drinks, making it popular in coffee trends. White chocolate is often used in snack food such as gourmet popcorn or granola bars. 

    White chocolate's many uses make it a good option to sell wholesale. Wholesale white chocolate could be sold to online candy stores, pastry shops, or even a chocolate subscription box website.

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    Tips For Selling Different Types of Chocolate Wholesale

    There are many advantages to selling dark, milk, or white chocolate wholesale. There are also a few things to watch out for.

    A big advantage to selling chocolate wholesale is its cost-effectiveness. Wholesalers use bulk purchasing. Bulk purchasing can increase profit margins by securing low prices. There are also lower production costs when using bulk purchasing. 

    Potential challenges of selling wholesale include high competition and shipping concerns. There are many chocolate competitors. The top five sellers in the chocolate industry include Hershey’s, Mars, Kraft, Nestle, and Ferrero. Beyond these industry leaders, there are many smaller competitors. Premium quality, unique flavors or branding, and lower prices can help set your wholesale chocolate business apart. 

    Shelf life and shipping concerns are another challenge when it comes to selling different types of chocolate wholesale. It’s crucial to ensure proper shipping and storage in order to maintain quality and freshness. 

    Placing a high value on good shipping and handling processes can make a big difference. Shipping wholesale chocolate is similar to shipping candy because of the temperature considerations. Make sure to use temperature-controlled shipping containers when shipping chocolate. Overnight shipping or expedited shipping options can also be useful to prevent melting and ensure freshness.

    Another consideration when it comes to selling different types of chocolate wholesale is using a good supplier. Make sure to do plenty of research on suppliers to find a good match for you. It’s important to find a supplier that is reputable and uses high quality ingredients. It’s also important to encourage positive supplier relationship management within your business. A good relationship with your suppliers can help you secure better pricing and other terms.

    The chocolate wholesale industry offers a great opportunity to wholesale many different types of chocolate. Understanding the unique characteristics of each chocolate and the different aspects of the industry can help you succeed. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Types of Chocolate to Sell Wholesale

    Selling chocolate wholesale is an exciting business. However, it is highly competitive. There is a large market for all types of chocolate products. Selling wholesale offers unique advantages. Read these frequently asked questions to further your understanding on the types of chocolate to sell wholesale.

    Is it profitable to sell chocolate wholesale?

    Yes, it can be very profitable to sell different types of chocolate wholesale. The chocolate industry is a huge market. This creates many opportunities to sell all types of chocolate. 

    There are many buyers for wholesale chocolate, including chocolate distributors or candy producers. However, there are many competitors. Differentiate your business to stand out in the market. 

    How can I differentiate my wholesale chocolate business from competitors?

    Quality products, unique branding, and competitive pricing can help differentiate your wholesale chocolate business. Although there are many competitors, the market is big enough to find your own niche market

    Offering something unique about your wholesale chocolate can help set your product apart from other wholesalers. There is high demand for quality, delicious chocolate. 

    Is dark chocolate a good option to sell wholesale?

    Yes, dark chocolate can be a good choice to sell wholesale. Dark chocolate is a popular chocolate choice for many people. There is a high demand for dark chocolate due to its various health benefits compared to other types of chocolate. It is also popular due to its rich, slightly sweet taste.

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