Warehouse Manager Job Description, Resume, and Duties

Tori Wiegers
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    Being a warehouse manager is a very important job with a lot of responsibilities.  

    Depending on the company you are working for, your warehouses may store hazardous or even toxic material, so you have to make sure that you and your team are well-informed and aware of any hazards or dangers in your workspaces. 

    Read on to learn more about warehouse managers, what their responsibilities are, and how to create a resume to get you a job managing a warehouse (see what is warehouse).

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    Warehouse Manager Job Description 

    A warehouse manager is the main point of contact for an essential part of the supply chain process. This means that you will have to be experienced in warehousing, managing warehouse workers, processes, and a warehouse management system. You will be in charge of maintaining safety standards to ensure that products are dispatched and delivered safely and efficiently. 

    Being a warehouse manager also means you have to work closely with the other warehouse employees and lead them to meet, and even exceed productivity targets. This role is great for natural leaders and proficient communicators, as you will be your team's main point of contact. 

    Most importantly, you will be responsible for the health and safety of your employees. Warehouses can be extremely dangerous places to work, especially if the equipment or products are mishandled or damaged in any way. 

    You will have to have previous, extensive experience working within a warehouse and an absolute understanding of the basic operations of a warehouse. You will also need to have been technically trained in fundamental warehouse operations, such as a lift truck certificate of basic training.

    Being a warehouse manager is a fulfilling and exciting job. You will be challenged daily to prove your capabilities, work closely with like-minded and hardworking people, and will be rewarded for your diligence and integrity. 

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    Warehouse Manager Duties and Responsibilities

    •  Managing the warehouse in line with the company’s standards 

    • Complying with the company’s policies and vision 

    • Overseeing basic operations, such as receiving, warehousing, distribution, and maintenance of products

    • Using the warehouse space to achieve peak efficiency 

    • Safeguards warehouse operations by complying with extensive security procedures and protocols

    • Adhere to all warehousing, handling and shipping legislation laws and requirements

    • Initiate, coordinate, and enforce optimal operational policies and procedures

    • Maintain standards of health and safety, hygiene, and security

    • Take charge of stock control and warehouse organization

    • Regularly update the data storage system

    • Prepare annual budget

    • Liaise with clients, suppliers and transport companies

    • Organize notes, assign roles, and oversee warehouse employees (for other roles, see what is a warehouse associate)

    • Recruit, select, orient, coach and motivate employees

    • Produce reports and statistics regularly (IN/OUT status report, dead stock report etc).

    • Receive feedback and monitor the quality of services provided

    • Create and affix warehouse labels

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    Warehouse Manager Job Requirements

    •Documented experience as a Warehouse employee

    • Experience in management and knowledge of expected warehouse practices

    • Proven ability to implement and carry out improvement initiatives

    • Strong knowledge of warehousing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    • Knowledge of the warehouse inventory management software and databases used within warehouses

    • BS degree in logistics, supply chain management, or business administration

    Warehouse Manager Salary 

    A warehouse manager salary is dependent on a lot of different factors. This can range from which company you are working for, to how many years of experience you have in a managerial position. 

    A warehouse manager that has just graduated from warehouse management training can expect a salary ranging between $50,000 to $60,000. 

    However, a more senior Warehouse Manager can earn a salary upwards of $100,000 per year, depending on where in the country you are working. 

    The median salary for a Warehouse Manager in the United States is approximately $80,000. 

    Additionally, your salary may be part of a larger package, which can include a range of benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, staff discount, a pension, and access to a company car. 

    You may also be provided with the opportunity to go on further training funded by your employer, so there is always an opportunity to earn more experience and obtain a higher salary.  

    Warehouse Manager Working Hours

    Managing a warehouse is undeniably hard work. Warehouse working days often include early starts, late finishes, weekend and shift work. 

    However, the expected working week for a Warehouse Manager is often more convenient than the average warehouse employee. 

    As you will most likely be a salaried worker, you will be working the same hours every week. This means that your working timetable will be a lot less flexible. 

    However, this may change during high seasons, as holidays such as Christmas can mean you have to work much longer hours. 

    Warehouse Manager Job Expectations 

    A warehouse manager will have an office, but will also be expected to work on the shop floor and the warehouse. You will need to be aware of the operations and structures of all these different aspects to be a successful manager. 

    You will also have to be prepared to travel during the working day, as warehouses are commonly within a close distance to motorways, railways, sea, and air terminals. 

    Whilst long-distance travel is rare for warehouse managers, it may still be required. This includes overnight stays, especially if you work for a large international company. Additionally, the ideal warehouse manager will have personal attributes that make them ideal for the position. This includes being organized, precise, and a great leader. You will have a keen sense of how to best manage people to reach high levels of productivity, and staying on top of details to properly deal with any errors or mistakes that may occur.

    You will need to have a high level of respect and understanding of your employees. You must remain fair at all times, be able to empathize with your subordinates, and be able to successfully delegate in a way that takes advantage of your coworkers’ strengths. 

    However, the most important attribute you must have as a warehouse manager is integrity. Honesty, integrity, and ethics are all key qualities of a successful warehouse manager. You need to be trusted by both the workers and the company as a whole. To improve the warehousing management process, managers can utilize ERP software (see benefits of ERP).

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    Warehouse Manager Job Qualifications 

    Having a degree may provide you with helpful skills and knowledge required for a warehouse manager position. However, you don’t need to have a university degree for this role. 

    Many different Warehouse Managers learn through experience or take short courses to learn more about logistics, supply chain management, online marketplace, and transport management. These are sometimes provided to you by your employers, but oftentimes you will have to seek out these courses yourself to rise through the ranks. 

    The best way to learn is through experience, and you can progress quickly through a company by carrying out an apprenticeship after you leave school. Apprenticeships are an efficient and accessible way for you to gain the skills required for a Warehouse Manager position.  

    The United States Department of Labor often offers hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities every year to help businesses reach a larger and more diverse pool of workers. This is a great program for workers who cannot afford to go to University or learn better from hands-on experience under the tutelage of a qualified teacher. 

    There are some basic requirements that everyone will need to have to be a Warehouse Manager, such as;

    •  A high school diploma or GED

    •  A valid driving license

    •  A lift truck certificate of basic training

    Warehouse Manager Resume Sample and Examples

    To make the requirements easier to understand, we compiled a resume for you. Typically, warehouse managers have a resume that might look something like this.

    Warehouse Manager Sample Resume

    Additionally, some qualifications may help your application. The more experience and skills you have, the more attractive you will seem to any potential employers. These can include:

    •  Being bilingual (Spanish, Mandarin, etc.)

    •  Having an advanced degree in engineering or logistics

    •  Being proficient with SCM+ for warehouse management

    •  Having a warehouse or distribution qualification

    •  Being a professional membership of an industry-related body


    •  Strong leadership skills and experience 

    •  Excellent communication skills

    •  Steadfast decision-making skills

    •  Effective problem-solving skills

    •   Multiple years of experience in a warehouse lead role managing hourly employees (normally a minimum of 3 years)

    •  Proficient knowledge of warehouse procedure and policy

    • Ability to work well with other people and in teams

    • Comfortable delivering and receiving frequent feedback

    • Basic mathematics knowledge

    • Proficient computer skills

    • Available to work extended hours

    Work Experience  

    Previous experience working in a warehouse will improve your chances of gaining a Warehouse Manager position. Most companies want to see an example of how you have taken charge and successfully implemented the skills expected of a manager in previous roles. 

    Additionally, having other retail experience might be helpful for your application, as this will prove that you have a fundamental knowledge of different roles within a company. As you will be expected to work with managers in other departments, having a mutual understanding of each other's roles will be invaluable for effective communication and collaboration. 

    The best way to reach a managerial position within a warehouse is by working your way up, but you can also try to get an industrial placement or work experience so you can fully experience the role. 

    Having a general warehouse position when starting, for example, as a trainee supervisor with a smaller organization may lead to a line-management position.

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    Can You Manage That?

    Being a warehouse manager comes with a variety of responsibilities. Certain qualities will make you more eligible than others. If you have the required skills and a sense of responsibility, give the warehouse manager job a shot!

    You should also look into the warehouse management process flow, so you can come into your new role with ideas to help optimize operations.

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