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    As your business grows, it takes more time and resources to keep operations running smoothly. If you’re familiar with what is warehouse and what is warehouse job, you’re ready to hire a warehouse manager. 

    Warehouse managers oversee warehouse clerks, guide inventory tasks, communicate with third parties, and use warehouse inventory management software. Keep reading to discover typical warehouse manager salaries for many job markets, companies, and roles.

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    Average Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average warehouse manager salary is $53,500. The average salary of warehouse managers depends on experience, job responsibilities, skill with a vendor marketplace, and technical know-how. A salary also depends on local cost of living, wage laws, and the company making the hiring decision. We used a few of the largest nationwide employment sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Payscale, and Salary.com to calculate average wages.

    This calculation spans data from dozens of warehouses and industries. Let’s look at the average compensation of specific types of warehouse manager roles. 

    Warehouse Operations Manager Salary

    The average warehouse operations manager salary is $73,600. A warehouse operations manager is one of the more common managerial titles in warehouses. Warehouse operations managers oversee receiving and shipping activities, entry-level staff, inventory, and space usage.

    They are also responsible for training both new and existing staff members. Higher-end salaries are usually achieved by those with longer work experience and more familiarity with relevant software. 

    Assistant Warehouse Manager Salary

    An assistant warehouse manager salary is highly variable, but the average falls near $56,778. The variability can be for many reasons, including experience level, type of company, job responsibilities, and market location.

    Assistant warehouse managers help warehouse managers with a variety of daily tasks. They are responsible for processing inventory, handling equipment, updating records, adhering to safety measures, and more. 

    Warehouse Distribution Manager Salary

    The average warehouse distribution manager salary is between $69,400 and $77,000. A warehouse distribution manager is responsible for ensuring all tasks related to distribution run properly. This includes order management, picking and packing, eCommerce shipping preparation, and transportation. A distribution manager also deals with specialized software and should have strong familiarity with warehouse outbound processes. 

    Warehouse Floor Manager Salary

    The typical warehouse floor manager salary is between $53,400 and $86,300. Warehouse floor managers are responsible for overseeing all the daily operations of warehouse receiving and distribution. This includes assigning tasks to staff, scheduling deliveries, addressing customer service needs, and ensuring smooth operations. 

    Entry Level Warehouse Manager Salary

    An entry level warehouse manager salary usually falls between $35,800 and $54,700. Entry-level positions differ greatly from experienced positions. An entry-level warehouse manager may have experience as a warehouse associate. They may also be stepping into the role for the first time. 

    An entry-level warehouse manager oversees daily operations, maintains inventory, recommends productivity improvements, and assigns staff responsibilities. They may be the only manager on a warehouse floor, or they may report to a warehouse departmental manager. 

    Small Warehouse Manager Salary

    In most cases, a warehouse manager will make around $50,000 to $55,000 per year. Differentiating warehouse manager salaries based on the size of a warehouse can be tricky. 

    Smaller warehouses may yield a salary difference of a few thousand fewer dollars per year. This means a difference of $5,000 to $10,000 less in some cases, meaning small warehouse managers make around $45,000 to $50,000. 

    Warehouse Department Manager Salary

    The average salary for a warehouse department manager is $32,500. A warehouse department manager handles the responsibilities specific to one area of a warehouse. This may be receiving, inventory, distribution, back-office operations, or some combination of the above. Department managers may also use a warehouse management system (WMS). 

    Warehouse department manager salaries tend to be less than warehouse manager salaries, as their job entails fewer responsibilities. The salary may be higher based on different companies, where department managers may oversee dozens of employees.

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    Warehouse General Manager Salary

    The typical warehouse general manager salary is $67,550. A warehouse general manager is responsible for the successful and efficient operation of all warehouse tasks. They oversee warehouse management process flow through warehouse inventory management software, schedule deliveries and pickups, manage staff schedules, and provide training.

    Warehouse Site Manager Salary

    The average warehouse site manager tends to make $48,500 per year. A warehouse site manager is responsible for guiding and improving the operations in one or more warehouses. 

    Warehouse site managers create, track, and resolve tickets related to inbound and outbound orders. It’s their job to ensure all goods coming in or going out of a warehouse reach the appropriate destinations on time. They may also be responsible for conducting manual inventory audit, communicating with upper management, or implementing new processes. 

    Warehouse Shift Manager Salary

    A warehouse shift manager salary averages $38,000, with $30,000 on the low end and $46,000 on the high end. There are multiple reasons for this significant wage range. 

    One, a shift manager may oversee two or three people at one business, versus overseeing 10 or 12 at another. Two, some shift managers may have a few extra responsibilities on the job, while others may be in a leadership-style position. Three, companies often pay higher salaries for those with more experience. 

    Warehouse Shipping Manager Salary

    Warehouse shipping managers earn $53,000 on average. A warehouse shipping manager oversees all the logistics related to shipping products out including the packing slip. This includes picking and packing, eCommerce packaging, staging goods for pickup, updating inventory systems, and supervising customer service. A manager in this role also oversees any front-line staff who contribute to shipping.

    Warehouse Manager Salaries by Company

    As someone who is considering hiring a warehouse manager, it’s important to offer a competitive salary. To help you make smart decisions about the salary to offer, here is a list of warehouse manager salaries by company. 

    Amazon Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Amazon warehouse manager salary is $45,862. Unless you do most of your shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, chances are you’ve heard of Amazon. Founder Jeff Bezos built the eCommerce giant by selling books online, and his brand later grew to sell just about everything. 

    Warehouse managers at Amazon schedule employee shifts, transition products from receipt to inventory, maintain a safe and secure environment, and communicate needs to various departments. 

    Costco Warehouse Manager Salary

    Costco warehouse managers make a salary of $61,700 on average. Costco is a big-box retailer that offers hundreds of consumer products on a membership business model.

    The company is known for its sprawling stores and shelves, offering everything from snacks and wine to clothing and electronics. Costco warehouse managers oversee incoming shipments, coordinate warehouse associates, conduct inventory management, and ensure warehouse process flow is operating well. 

    Capstone Logistics Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Capstone Logistics warehouse manager salary is $57,900. Capstone Logistics is a third-party supply chain solutions provider in North America (for more information, see what is 3PL). They offer warehousing services, transportation, freight management, supply chain analytics, and more. 

    Depending on the services provided to a client, Capstone warehouse managers may be involved in multiple tasks. Inventory replenishment, dock management, pallet sorting, and warehouse maintenance are just a few examples. 

    Sysco Warehouse Manager Salary

    The typical Sysco warehouse manager salary is $61,958. Sysco sells wholesale kitchen equipment, food products, and small goods to restaurants, hospitals, schools, and hotels.

    They work with over 30 restaurant chains and similar companies in more than 90 countries across more than one online marketplace. Warehouse managers at Sysco have common managerial responsibilities, like controlling inventory, staff training, implementing safety procedures, and improving productivity. 

    UPS Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average UPS warehouse manager salary is $43,500. Individuals in this role are responsible for overseeing pickers and packers, ensuring orders ship on time, adhering to safety protocols, and contributing to hiring decisions. 

    Aldi Warehouse Manager Salary

    Estimates vary widely, but the average Aldi warehouse manager salary is $72,889. Aldi is known for affordable grocery shopping, paying their employees above-average wages, and their minimalist store layouts. 

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    Warehouse Manager at Coca-Cola Salary

    A warehouse manager at Coca-Cola can expect to make $67,000 on average. Coca-Cola warehouse managers ensure products comply with food and safety regulations, hire and train front-line workers, use inventory management best practices, and oversee the receipt and delivery of goods. 

    Walmart Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Walmart warehouse manager salary is $48,347. Warehouse managers at Walmart have many of the same responsibilities as those at other companies. This includes monitoring the receipt, stocking and shipping of goods, managing reports and financial paperwork, communicating with external service providers, and overseeing front-line staff. 

    Carphone Warehouse Branch Manager Salary

    The average Dixons Carphone warehouse branch manager salary is £26,342. Dixons Carphone is a consumer electronics conglomerate based in the United Kingdom (UK). They sell mobile phones, computers, speakers, and household appliances, among others. 

    Publix Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average salary for a Publix warehouse manager is $53,124. Publix is one of the largest grocery and supermarket chains in the United States. A warehouse manager at Publix oversees the inflow and outflow of products, assigns warehouse staff to responsibilities, ensures regulatory compliance, and upholds safety practices with products. 

    Uline Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Uline warehouse manager salary is $57,462. Uline is one of the largest distributors of packaging, shipping, and janitorial products in North America.

    They provide boxes, shipping bags, shelving, warehouse labels, and dozens of other products. Managers’ responsibilities include coordination of inbound and putaway processes, inventory best practices and safety compliance, shipping and outbound processes, and team management. 

    Best Buy Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Best Buy warehouse manager salary is $53,000. Best Buy is a large big-box chain that sells consumer technology, including smartphones, TVs, audio systems, printers, and more. A warehouse manager at Best Buy is responsible for warehouse organization, overseeing inbound and outbound flow, unloading stock, and scheduling warehouse associates. 

    Warehouse Manager Salaries by Location

    The warehousing industry in the United States alone is a $22+ billion industry, and job growth is projected at 1.4% year-over-year. These facts indicate there is plenty of opportunity to start or grow your warehouse management career. Let’s take a closer look at warehouse manager salaries by location in the United States and Canada. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Phoenix

    The average warehouse manager salary in Phoenix, AZ, is $46,227. The Phoenix area has experienced robust job growth in recent years, and it’s often double that of the national average. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Miami

    A typical warehouse manager salary in Miami, FL, is $61,742. The metropolis’ industrial vacancy rate is often below 5%, and the city continues to add thousands of logistics jobs regularly. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Toronto

    The average warehouse manager salary in Toronto, Canada, is C$71,894. Canada’s warehousing and logistics job growth has remained strong through unexpected economic trends. 

    Ferguson Warehouse Manager Salary

    The average Ferguson, MO, warehouse manager salary is $61,516. Compensation varies widely based on what the company is offering, personal experience, and the type of products sold by a company. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Michigan

    The typical warehouse manager salary in Michigan is $73,489. Michigan warehouse manager job opportunities include Meijer, Value City Furniture, Johnson Controls, and Domino’s, among others. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Seattle

    The average warehouse manager salary in Seattle is $68,793. Seattle, WA, is home to multiple successful and well-known companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Costco. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Utah

    The average warehouse manager salary in Utah is $66,029. Utah has enjoyed a steady increase of fresh job opportunities from 2011 to 2019. This state saw a 3.3% job growth in 2019 compared to a national average of 1.4% over the same year. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Atlanta, GA

    The average warehouse manager salary in Atlanta, GA, is $63,162. Atlanta continues to be a major player in the warehousing industry. Its location, existing large warehouses, specialized services, and the presence of leading companies makes it a great place for jobs. 

    Warehouse Manager Salary in Denver

    The typical warehouse manager salary in Denver, CO, is $64,946. Denver, CO, is home to numerous well-known companies, including Chipotle, Richmond American Homes, Arrow Electronics, and Gray Line Worldwide. In part due to Denver’s increasing popularity, the warehouse job market is growing year over year.

    Finding The Right Fit

    Using these warehouse manager salary averages can help you find your next job, or make a great next hire. If you're hiring, make sure your warehouse manager job description is comparable to those posted by other companies. These average salaries can also highlight job details you may need to change in order to attract the right candidate. For more information of warehouse management, check out our comprehensive warehouse management guide.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse Manager Salary

    If you need a warehouse manager, it’s important to include key skills in your job description. Learn more about the characteristics necessary for warehouse managers with the common questions below: 

    What makes a good warehouse manager?

    A skilled warehouse manager is able to lead a team, ensure daily warehousing efficiency, and maintain a clean, safe facility. Here are skills and characteristics a warehouse manager should bring to the table:

    • Deep familiarity with warehouse operations, including receiving, packaging, and shipping
    • Supporting the entire team with clear and concise communication
    • Modeling warehouse best practices and empowering employees to reach peak performance
    • Creating and maintaining an inventory system that minimizes costs and maximizes profit
    • Understanding of supply chain analytics and how to track warehouse performance, such as the benefits of SKU rationalization
    • Adhering to all local, federal, and industry laws concerning safety and cleanliness
    • Professional and personal characteristics that are a good match for the fast-paced, accuracy-driven environment of a warehouse

    Everyone is different, and someone’s passion for the role should never be overlooked as well. Following the guidelines above makes it much easier to find an experienced warehouse manager.

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    Is it hard to manage a warehouse?

    Yes, it can be challenging to manage a warehouse. Successful warehousing involves the coordination of inbound and outbound shipments, warehouse labels, safety and cleanliness, employee productivity, shipping and handling, and dozens of smaller factors. 

    Warehouse management is the accumulation of several smaller organizational and managerial skills, rather than one formal skill. Many professionals learn how to manage a warehouse by spending several years in warehouse associate or specialist roles. 

    Managing a warehouse is made simpler with the right approaches, like a warehouse management process flow. This is a form of flowchart that outlines what order materials need to move in for optimal spacing and daily productivity.

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    What are the skills of warehouse manager?

    Every warehouse manager should have these skills at a minimum: 

    • Utilization of inventory best practices, such as ABC analysis and days inventory outstanding
    • Smooth handling of daily operations, such as receiving, product storage, and organization
    • Design and/or implementation of a warehouse management process flow
    • Ability to train, coordinate, empower, and if necessary discipline warehouse associates
    • Direct experience with some type of warehouse management system
    • Strong adherence to all in-house, local, state, and federal regulations for safety, cleanliness, and operability
    • Involvement with warehouse job descriptions, applications, candidates, interviews, hiring, and firing
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