Wholesale Food Packaging: How to Ensure Freshness and Safety

Gracie Tidwell
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    Who doesn’t want their food to be fresh and safe? Food packaging is an important way to make sure wholesale food arrives in top condition. Wholesale food packaging should be created to withstand all parts of the food supply chain

    If you’re a food distributor, you should prioritize learning the best methods of food packaging. Food safety and freshness is an essential part of the food and beverage industry.

    From wholesale dairy to wholesale seafood, food packaging can make all the difference in the quality and freshness of your product. 

    Running a wholesale business can be complex. Learn more about wholesale food packaging techniques to help you navigate the industry.

    Wholesale Food Packaging: Why Is It Important?

    So, why is food packaging so important? There are many reasons you should read up on the best practices for food packaging for wholesale items

    Food requires high levels of care when you’re packaging and distributing it. There are many things that can negatively impact your wholesale food. Temperature, transport, and delivery time all need consideration when packaging food. 

    Food requires individual packaging, as well as industrial packaging for when it gets transported. You should put a lot of thought into all that packaging that goes into distributing your wholesale food offerings. 

    If your food packaging is poor quality, there are many consequences. Your food could be damaged or ruined in transport to its destination. It could arrive too damaged to sell, or even unsafe to eat. 

    There are a few key aspects of food packaging to consider when choosing your industrial food packaging options. 

    You need to keep your wholesale food safe from physical damage. This means your packaging needs to be strong and durable. It should be able to withstand transportation on trucks, trains, boats, or planes. 

    Contamination is another aspect of food packaging to keep in mind. It can be easy for food to get contaminated during wholesale distribution. Make sure food packaging is tightly sealed and food safe in order to protect your food and the consumers that eat it. 

    Food is often transported long distances. This can make it difficult to keep your food fresh. Food packaging can make all the difference in the freshness and quality of your product. 

    Wholesale food packaging is also important to make sure your items aren’t tampered with. Special breakaway closures or labels can help you make sure nobody tampers with your inventory. 

    Key Takeaway: It’s worth investing in your wholesale food packaging. Poor quality food packaging could result in ruined inventory, loss of money, and time. 
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    5 Food Packaging Solutions 

    Different foods and transportation methods require different food packaging solutions. Find out which food packaging method works best for your wholesale products below. 

    1. Pallet Boxes

    The first food packaging solution to consider is pallet boxes. Pallet boxes are commonly used to transport bulk food items. They are popular because they are quite versatile and are great for a wide range of items. 

    Cardboard and plastic are typically used to create pallet boxes. Which material you opt for depends on the type of food you’re transporting. For example, cardboard pallet boxes are more suited to dry goods. Plastic pallet boxes are a better option for liquids or beverages. 

    You can also find pallet boxes designed to be weather resistant. These are a good option if your products travel through rainy or humid areas, or if they are transported in open trucks. 

    Pallet boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and some are even customizable depending on your specific needs. They are also reusable, making them a sustainable choice for wholesale food packaging. 

    Pallet boxes are a great choice to keep your food products safe. They are strong and water resistant, so your inventory won’t get ruined during order fulfillment

    2. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)

    A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is essentially a bulk bag made out of flexible material, such as a softer plastic. Some common wholesale food items transported in FIBCs include dry foods like granulated sugar or salt, and many types of flour

    FIBCs are ideal to transport powdered foods. When you put something like sugar or salt in an FIBC, it tightly fills every inch of the container. FIBCs can hold a lot of weight and are densely packed. This makes them easy to stack and transport. 

    FIBCs are also a cost-effective industrial wholesale packaging solution. They come in many sizes, so you can find one that works well for your wholesale food needs. 

    FIBCs are great to ensure the freshness, safety, and quality of your food stock. They can withstand many different conditions and can protect your inventory. 

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    3. Steel Drums

    Steel drums are another food packaging solution for transporting wholesale food. Steel drums are made out of food-grade metal, which ensures the freshness and safety of your inventory. They are one of the most durable and secure food packaging items on the market. 

    Steel drums are great for shipping and storing liquids, but are also a good idea for food items such as flour, beans, or oats. 

    Steel drums are strong and reusable. This makes them a popular choice for many wholesale food distributors because they are very protective. They are a great way to keep food fresh.

    4. Fiberboard Containers

    Fiberboard containers are made out of corrugated cardboard and lined with a waxy lining. The lining makes it food safe. 

    Fiberboard is often used for shipping fresh foods, such as wholesale produce. It is a lightweight and recyclable food packaging option. It’s also quite affordable compared to other wholesale food packaging options. 

    Fiberboard containers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can purchase one that’s designed for the food you’re shipping. 

    5. Plastic Drums

    Plastic drums and barrels are another wholesale food packaging solution. Plastic drums are commonly used to ship bulk foods.

    They can hold a wide range of food products, from wholesale spices to condiments to oils. This makes them a very popular choice. 

    You can find plastic drums ranging from 30 liters up to 220 liters. They also come in a variety of shapes. Plastic drums are a versatile option to ensure food freshness and safety because they are very durable and sturdy. You can rest assured that your product won’t spill or become contaminated. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Food Packaging

    Food packaging is a necessary thing to consider when selling wholesale food. Wholesale food packaging should protect your products from physical damage and contamination. It should also keep food fresh and high quality. 

    Make sure to review all the food packaging options on the market to choose the correct packaging for your product. 

    Whether you sell wholesale candy or wholesale meat, you will need to decide on food packaging at some point. Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers about wholesale food packaging. 

    Who regulates wholesale food packaging?

    In the US, the Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors and regulates wholesale food packaging. The FDA has many rules, procedures, and regulations about food packaging. These include the materials for specific food packages. 

    What are packaging options for wholesale food?

    A few packaging options for wholesale food include pallet boxes, steel drums, and plastic drums. Each of these options, and many others, are best suited for specific foods and transport methods. 

    Some options, like fiberboard containers, are best for produce and fresh foods. Others, like steel drums, work best for liquids or high-value solid foods. 

    Why is it important to prioritize wholesale food packaging?

    Wholesale food packaging is one of the most important ways to keep your wholesale food fresh and safe to eat. You should prioritize your wholesale food packaging to make sure your products don’t undergo any physical damage or contamination. 

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