The World of Wholesale Fresh Flowers: How to Buy Fresh Flowers and Supplies

Devn Ratz
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    The global demand for fresh flowers and plant supplies is, for lack of a better word, rapidly growing. The market in itself is expected to grow by over six percent over the next few years, topping the 57 billion-dollar mark by the close of 2024. Beyond that, florists and wholesale fresh flower suppliers will see leaps toward a 66 billion-dollar market by 2028. 

    Already, it’s estimated that one-third of US consumers are willing and interested in buying fresh flowers. This makes for a tremendous business opportunity for those who want to capitalize on the growing demand for fresh flowers. All that remains is to learn a bit about work of wholesalers in fresh flower markets that keep the industry watered.

    When choosing to buy fresh flowers wholesale, please keep in mind three things as you shop: the quality of the flowers, the cost of the stems, and the seasonality of the blooms you choose. You must consider all three to be successful with a wholesale flower business. Learn more in the guide below.

    Key Takeaway: Cost, seasonality, and quality form the three primary considerations needed when buying wholesale fresh flowers as a business. 
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    Steps to Buying Wholesale Fresh Flowers 

    You can find many wholesale flower suppliers online. Some can be found through wholesale directories also. When you seek them out, you’ll likely find wholesalers with a large array of possible flowers for purchase in a wide variety of bulk options organized by event, occasion, and purpose. 

    As a place to start your research, you might investigate websites like FlowerFarm or Global Rose and WholeBlossoms that can show you what to expect from premium bulk flower buying. Each of these offer direct delivery from the farm to your door, meaning you can cut out some of the labor involved in sourcing your flowers. 

    There are many other options to choose from. For instance Blooms by the Box and FiftyFlowers can also offer direct delivery and give you a charming price on large orders of flowers. But, you may always want to check out local options for buying bulk fresh flowers. 

    Either way, remember to keep the quality of the blooms in mind alongside the ultimate cost of the stems from a business perspective. And, before making your final decision on which flowers to purchase, stay abreast of their seasonality by understanding when, in the year, flowers are most likely to sell. 

    There are also a few more supplies you will need to run a successful fresh flower business, such as tools and supplies for arrangements which will be considered next. Wholesale products may be able to help with these also.

    Supplies for Fresh Flowers Sales and Arrangements

    Among the tools and supplies you will need, floral foam is one of the most critical in arrangements. This, typically green, wet foam is designed to absorb and retain large amounts of water to extend their lifespan. 

    Then, you may also need dry floral foam, usually a grey color, which is used to house dried flowers or artificial arrangements. These kinds of foam are very useful for most types of flowers since they hold shape and retain water (or dryness) for keeping flowers in place during sale and transport. 

    Beyond this, you may need vases, containers, and floral tape as well for constructing attractive arrangements for wholesale customers. Some of the best tools used for cutting and arranging flowers include floral clippers and ties which will ensure you properly trim up stems to prepare them to be placed in a natural-looking arrangement. 

    Considerations for Fresh Flower Arrangements and Vase Work

    The choice of vase or container for flowers is a big concern for customers. Many florists get away with using large mason jars to give flowers a home-style and market-fresh pop. Others use neutral vases in tan, brown, or grey to bring out the natural color of their blooms against a non-descript background. 

    As you work, the size, shape, and color of the container or vase should be carefully considered. This helps to avoid placing too many or too few stems into vases or containers that cannot adequately harmonize the natural gifts of fresh flowers.

    You can use glass cubes and other small containers for the most elegant and slight-in-size arrangements as well. Just remember that the height of an arrangement should be about one and a half times the height of the vase, and at least two times the width. 

    By these rules of thumb, you’ll be well on your way to creating scenes of bouquets and arrangements that will fly off shelves by their charm and poise. Take flower arranging to the next level with filler material and ribbon as well. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Fresh Flowers

    Learn the in’s and out’s of wholesale fresh flower buying by learning where to buy cheap, ready-to-profit flowers from wholesale businesses. Then, leverage what you know about business to fill in the gaps. Get answers to common fresh flower concerns here.

    Is it cheap to buy fresh flowers from a wholesaler?

    While you might think you have to pay for each stem, the prices offered by wholesale fresh flower suppliers are a bit different. Instead of paying per flower or bouquet, you can pay for bulk quantities, which will be much more cost-effective than buying from a florist. 

    When you head directly for the source of flowers, such as through a wholesaler, you can cut the price per stem in half. So, think twice before building your business on the costs associated with going to a florist or flower shop. With bulk, wholesale quantities, you’ll get much more for much less. 

    Can selling fresh flowers be a profitable wholesale business?

    Running a flower business can be a highly profitable arena for commercial growth. Once you’re able to source the flowers and find a good price on bulk buying, you will start to see the value in your margins. 

    Of course, like any business, selling flowers requires some initial investment in learning to market wholesale and conquer sales by bringing a steady supply of customers your way. However, through practicing some of the best methods for wholesale ordering, wholesale software management, and wholesale purchasing, you will quickly get a grip on the market and see a return.

    Can anyone buy wholesale fresh flowers from a florist?

    Usually, wholesale fresh flowers don’t come from any florist you can easily locate through ordinary, consumer means. You will have to look instead for wholesale flower markets that are open to the public. At these shops, you won’t have to be a florist in order to buy from them. 

    These carry the advantage of being much lower in price when comparing retail to wholesale, typically, than going to a florist with your flower-buying needs. Most times, florists are known for hiking up the price of flowers they find at wholesale markets many times over. So, if you want to start a business, you should look to wholesale buying of fresh flowers before going to a florist in your area.

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